Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Place holder

Ok, so I thought I might just start my own little blog after reading so many others. I'm not really intending it to be for general public consumption but more as a place to organize my thinking. I used to write reviews for my college newspaper but those days are long gone. I'm much lazier now and don't have the time nor the energy to write a real review of a book I have liked. Ergo, I intend to just ramble about whatever I like. woot!

I've been a part of various online communities for seven odd years and I like the atmosphere of a good forum. But I also like to talk and dominate conversations, something I try to avoid doing in public. lol. So I see this as an opportunity for me to be a loud-mouth even if I'm the only one reading. In the end, who really cares about what I think? No one, and that's ok.

Anyways, like the title says, this is a placeholder post. I'm trying to figure out how this whole thing works so this is something of an experiment. *wishing myself luck*