Saturday, November 29, 2008

what happened during my holiday...

Yep. It's official. Been together for almost five years in two countries and three languages. We've talked about taking the next step for a while now. Today, we stopped by my house to drop some stuff off (after being out of town for the last few days) and there was a FedEx box for DBF. As we were driving to our friend's place, he opened the box and removed a ring. Of course, I was DRIVING and had to pull over so that he could put it on my finger. lol. Silly man. :)

Anyways, it is shiny and small and simple. I keep looking at it and playing with it. And wondering how i'm going to break the news to my disapproving parentals. *sigh*

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

library take

I really like the whole 'put it on hold using the internet and get an email when it's ready' thing at my library. In this case, the book I snagged was Lisa Kleypas' Seduce Me at Sunrise. Sure it's a hard-cover, large-print edition, but so what? I didn't have to pay for it. heh. I am looking forward to this one. Gypsy heros...yum! I hope it is as good as my expectations. At the very least, the cover is delish. lol.

While there, I quickly scanned the shelves for a few more books to take home and ended up with The Temptation a medieval by Claudia Dain and Confessions at Midnight by Jacquie D'Allessandro. I am trying to remember if I've ever read any Claudia Dain. I don't think so. I do like a well-written medieval, so again...hopeful but cautious. I already sped through the D'Allessandro book this morning. It was cute and hot and a very easy read. A widow who is not only NOT a virgin but who loved her late husband and misses teh sex. How refreshing. *g* I'd recommend it for a low-angst comfort read.

And finally, a pictorial response to my pahtnah's recent James Bond post. hey, lb, here's lookin' at you kid.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


huh, it's the middle of the week already? Time does fly. I didn't get a blessed thing done on that silly school project until tonite at which point I buckled down and knocked it out in an hour and a half. pfft. Seems that I need to quit putting things off in the fear that they will be hard. Easy to say, not always easy to do.

I read more Adrien tonight. *sniff* Actually, I did get choked up and almost cried. I'm up to the bit where Jake comes over to Adrien's apartment and they talk. And stuff. And it's so bittersweet and heartrending. arg. I had to put it down. Small doses at a time.

In other news, People magazine reveals that Hugh Jackman is the sexiest man alive. My reaction: o'rly, like we didn't already know? heh.

Monday, November 17, 2008

getting started

Thanks to everyone who offered reading suggestions in my last post. Much appreciated. I now have some stuff on my PBS wish list, the library hold list and at least one book in my hot little hand. Oh and come December 1, I will have $15 in Borders Bucks to convert into more books. mmmm...books. Kristie, one of them will be that quest book, I promise. It looks like my cuppa. :)

So I am putting aside my fears of being hurt by evil Jake and have recommenced reading Death of a Pirate King. Of course it's awesome because let's face it...Josh Lanyon's writing just flows like a river and even though I see the way the current is taking me and that there are rapids ahead and omg, we just might capsize, i just can't help but let it whisk me along. le sigh. I'm almost halfway through. But I will say that I still hate Jake and want him to experience excrutiating pain. I'm vindictive that way. grrr.

In other news, I still have 2 or 3 pages of a group paper to write and submit. Actually I should have finished it last weekend but procrastination is my middle name. Tomorrow night. Yeah, that's the ticket. Only four more courses to go until I finish this MBA. I'll just keep telling myself that I can make it, regardless of how tired I am of the whole thing.

And finally, just for kicks I give you this photo that I took a few years ago in India. It never ceases to amaze me in all my travels and in all of the countries I've lived in, how ingenious and downright TALENTED people can be in transporting goods with only a bike.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

trying to pick back up

so, i have no clue how to get back into my blogging groove. I've been gone for such a long time that I don't even know what the new releases are or who is flaming whom or any of the gossip. le sigh.

i skimmed through an old Susan Johnson book last night. "Wicked". Yes, the sex is hot (which is why i read it) but what's up with the virgin who is deflowered and then proceeds to talk like a sailor and engage in a weeklong orgy? F'real? And how bout the hero who is 22 and has slept his way through the entire ton? What a sexy dude. lol. um, anyways. I'm making fun but really, I do need some recommendations.

Help me out!

What are the hottest new reads that I have to get?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I know I promised a return to hot menz and a detour from politics, but I just gotta share this song/video. It's catchy and makes me grin like a loon. So until I dig myself out from under this pile of work and school catch-up...enjoy.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes WE Did.

Good morning America!

It's been a grueling but exhilirating couple of months and the last two weeks have been exhausting. I've been volunteering at the Obama campaign office in my small Virginia town, going down there every night after work and all weekend...basically any time I was not at my job or in classes. Last week in the runup to the election, I took vacation time so that I could be there full-time. I ended up being given the job of organizing all of the volunteers that were coming in to help, assigning them to tasks, sending canvassers to satellite staging locations, monitoring which turfs were covered, delegating other prep tasks (literature sorting, data entering, etc.) to small teams. It was stressful but exciting, and I'm still recovering from 10+ days of sixteen hour days on my feet.

There was truly something wonderful about the community coming together to elect this very special candidate. It's hard for me to articulate the spirit of hope and positive energy that surrounded us. I think of the elderly woman who would make her way to our office with the help of a cane and feed paper into the shredder. The high school students who can't vote but who would make phone calls, enter data, or help tally up the numbers from the day's activities. The blue collar family who is struggling to make ends meet on less than 25k a year, who were denied food stamps for the third time last week because they are "not poor enough" but who spent hours each day going out to knock on doors and talk to voters. The quiet young black veteran who showed up to help and after we learned about his IT expertise gained in the Army, immediately set to work troubleshooting some of our computer and networking issues. The local volunteers who were the heart and soul of the office and the out of town volunteers who came down from D.C., Maryland and even New York to help provide assistance in the last Get Out the Vote push. People from every race, social class and creed coming together and working hard in what is really grueling, unglamourous work.

In the end, we were able to turn our city blue even if the surrounding county still went red (although we shaved off over 10 points from their margins which in itself is pretty amazing). It's not an easy area to be a Democrat. We had plenty of rude people walking by our storefront windows and yelling nasty things. The night before E-day, the car of one volunteer was side-swiped by someone yelling "Obama sucks". I couldn't tell you how many people came in to get a new yard sign because the ones they had kept getting stolen. I answered the phone and got yelled out by people telling me that they "weren't votin' for no goddammed Democrat". Other offices around the state suffered worse in the ways of vandalism and threats. My own parents sent me horrific email forwards about Obama being the "anti-christ" and other fear-mongering nonsense. Clearly change scares some people. But overall, I am very heartened by the willingness of so many people to come together and reject the divisive politics of the past.

Tuesday night as I sat in the embrace of my boyfriend, surrounded by a sea of tired, happy people, I wept tears of joy. Not only because my future children will grow up in a world where a man that looks like them can be president. But also because I have seen firsthand what can happen when individuals organize and work for the betterment of the whole community. I have made friends that I expect to keep for a lifetime and have met people in my area that I would never otherwise have known. It's been an amazing journey and it's only the beginning.

In closing, I just have to share one of the many grassroots contributions during this election. It's a zydeco band from Louisiana, my mom's homestate and a place I have lived. Not only is the music joyful and infectious but I just love seeing the mix of regular folks. (and as a speaker of french, I get a kick out of the Cajun french). :-)