Monday, November 17, 2008

getting started

Thanks to everyone who offered reading suggestions in my last post. Much appreciated. I now have some stuff on my PBS wish list, the library hold list and at least one book in my hot little hand. Oh and come December 1, I will have $15 in Borders Bucks to convert into more books. mmmm...books. Kristie, one of them will be that quest book, I promise. It looks like my cuppa. :)

So I am putting aside my fears of being hurt by evil Jake and have recommenced reading Death of a Pirate King. Of course it's awesome because let's face it...Josh Lanyon's writing just flows like a river and even though I see the way the current is taking me and that there are rapids ahead and omg, we just might capsize, i just can't help but let it whisk me along. le sigh. I'm almost halfway through. But I will say that I still hate Jake and want him to experience excrutiating pain. I'm vindictive that way. grrr.

In other news, I still have 2 or 3 pages of a group paper to write and submit. Actually I should have finished it last weekend but procrastination is my middle name. Tomorrow night. Yeah, that's the ticket. Only four more courses to go until I finish this MBA. I'll just keep telling myself that I can make it, regardless of how tired I am of the whole thing.

And finally, just for kicks I give you this photo that I took a few years ago in India. It never ceases to amaze me in all my travels and in all of the countries I've lived in, how ingenious and downright TALENTED people can be in transporting goods with only a bike.


Tracy said...

I have to admit that when I saw that you were reading DOAPK that I put my hands in the air and screamed YES! Yes, I am a dork. lol Such a good book!

lisabea said...

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you may go the way of Teddypig, but it is a fantastic book.

I heart my bff.

And my pahtnah, too. Keep me posted. I'll duck when you throw rocks at me later.

azteclady said...

Hmmm... what on earth is that person hauling in the bike? Cakes?????

Sorry, I seem to need more coffee here...

sula said...

tracy, it's ok to be a dork for books. all the cool kids are doin' it!

lb, it is a good book. and i'll start collecting those rocks, shall i?

az, it's a total mystery to me what that guy is hauling but i'm so impressed by his coordination in keeping it all upright. *g*