Saturday, November 15, 2008

trying to pick back up

so, i have no clue how to get back into my blogging groove. I've been gone for such a long time that I don't even know what the new releases are or who is flaming whom or any of the gossip. le sigh.

i skimmed through an old Susan Johnson book last night. "Wicked". Yes, the sex is hot (which is why i read it) but what's up with the virgin who is deflowered and then proceeds to talk like a sailor and engage in a weeklong orgy? F'real? And how bout the hero who is 22 and has slept his way through the entire ton? What a sexy dude. lol. um, anyways. I'm making fun but really, I do need some recommendations.

Help me out!

What are the hottest new reads that I have to get?


lisabea said...

Demon Bound
Hey Kleypas doesn't she have something new? OMG I should read that too!

azteclady said...

If you read Nora Roberts, her Salvation in Death is out now. Jaci Burton's The Darkest Touch. Oh and Broken Wing by Judith James.

:grin: and welcome back!

Renee said...

Just read Erin McCarthy's Flat Out Sexy. Loved the relationship that built over the course of the book, and the love scenes were hot!

Karen Chance's new book Midnight's Daughter was also really good (tho' thats more urban fantasy.)

And, of course The Englor Affair is awesome!
Currently, I'm reading Josh Lanyon's The Hell You Say and really loving it.

Hope you find something that inspires you!

Carolyn Jean said...

Welcome back, Sula!!!

Kati said...

Welcome back, Sula! We've missed you while you were out fighting the good fight.

I'll second Flat Out Sexy, it was good fun, and Broken Wing by Judith James is superb for some angsty male.

sula said...

hi all you nice people! thanks for your patience through my somewhat long dry spell. happily, it had a very good outcome. *g*

DOPK...I have got to read this one. No excuses. Except for the not having the emotional strength to undergo Jake. *sniff*

TEA is a must. Gotta read. JL! mwah.

Haven't read any McCarthy before, but I popped Flat Out Sexy on my PBS list (along with some other 200+ members...hey, sometime it will become available). The Judith James looks very intriguing. I heart historicals. How's the hotness quotient? I'm very shallow in this regard. *ahem*

has anyone read the Kleypas and what's the word on it? It probably came out eons ago, but hey, I've been gone awhile. Win and Kev, right?

why doesn't my library buy better books? *grumble* oh wait, i take it back, they're ok...they've got the kleypas book and i've just put my name on the waiting list. SCORE!

Kristie (J) said...

Ah - the must read book is Broken Wing :-) I've read it five times since I first read it just over a month ago - haven't been really able to get into a book since. And it was SO good, I started a Quest!! And the hotness factor is very fine. I got so excited when I read it that I sent out emails, had an author interview etc., etc., etc.
I'm no good at doing links in comments so I'll just have to paste the whole thing

Anyway - you just HAVE to read this one!!
And up until I read Broken Wing, SMAS was one of my fave reads so far this year so it's real real good too!

Tracy said...

I agree with Lisabea! Great picks, all. You can handle Jake and DOAPK! You CAN!!! So worth it.

Welcome back sweetie!

Sarai said...

I believe we are in the same boat except I don't really have an excuse of why I'm not bloggin other than a reading slump and RL.
I am going to check out some of the books listed if you don't mind me bumming them LOL!

sula said...

oops, forgot to respond to the last comments. bad blogger sula!

kristie, i have moved Broken Wing to the top of my 'to be bought' list. your stamp of approval is enough for me. besides, i need a good new historical.

tracy, thanks for the welcome back and as you see, i have braved DOAPK. we'll see if I'm able to complete it without murdering Jake.

sarai, you are welcome to bum off me any time. heh. RL is a perfectly good excuse for falling behind on teh blog. ;)