Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've been watching So You Think You Can Dance since season 2. Lots of great moments, performances and choreography. Unfortunately, the viewer voting tends to reward personality over actual dance talent. And sometimes those who get voted for have neither personality OR talent. And at the moment, I am SO effing pissed off at the idiot teeny-bopper voters. Seriously? Evan and Kayla should have been voted off ages ago. And now the actually TALENTED dancers like Jeannette and Jason get cut? Whatever. All I can say is if either one of those hacks wins the whole thing, I am so done with the show. gahhhh.

/end rant

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

moving on...

once again, blog suffers from neglect. it's like a disease. sad really.

So the wedding plans are progressing. We spent tonight hand writing addresses and checking names off lists. I think we've got our food plans and table and chairs plans down. Still working on flowers and cake (looking more and more like Costco). Oh, and we bought wedding bands for both of us from a pawn shop. woot!

Work has been crazy busy this week, but sometimes that's a good thing. Keeps me focused I think when I have so many things to do with tight deadlines. We're nearing the end of our cycle and my numbers are up this year. Thinking about asking for a promotion. Even if no raise is possible due to the economy, I would settle for a better title. Gotta think about the resume. ;)

One reason I think I ought to ask for this is because in less than a month I will be receiving my Master of Business Administration degree. That oughta count for something, right? Yes, after two long years of evening and weekend classes and homework to come home to after work, I have three more class sessions to go. Graduation is mid-August. I'm feeling pretty happy. And ready to take more classes...maybe Spanish? heh.

I have a book to read. Yay library! So far this is intriguing. I wish I had read the previous books more recently because I get the feeling there is some tie-in with the characters, but oh well.

RWA is happening over in DC, which is not too far from me. I'd like to drive over to hang with the cool kids on Saturday but we'll have to see. So much to do, so little time.

final note: DF had his first viewing of that totally classic film, "The Sound of Music" and he loved it. Now we are singing the Do-Re-Mi song and others. So funny. He'd never seen it before.