Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've been watching So You Think You Can Dance since season 2. Lots of great moments, performances and choreography. Unfortunately, the viewer voting tends to reward personality over actual dance talent. And sometimes those who get voted for have neither personality OR talent. And at the moment, I am SO effing pissed off at the idiot teeny-bopper voters. Seriously? Evan and Kayla should have been voted off ages ago. And now the actually TALENTED dancers like Jeannette and Jason get cut? Whatever. All I can say is if either one of those hacks wins the whole thing, I am so done with the show. gahhhh.

/end rant


lisabea said...

::hands sula paper bag for breathing into::

Uhm. I get this. American Idol makes my blood pressure spike. Off the chart.

Damn television.

sula said...

lol. thx. This is why I should not watch contest shows. haha.

omg, did i mention that after thursday night, i am officially done with all my classes? woot!

Kristie (J) said...

I really like Evan - he's just so adorable, but he's not as versatile as the others who are left. He's very talented in his own genre - but not SYTYCD winner material. And I was sorry to see Jeannette go too.
That's the trouble with the way these shows pick the winners - they let 'popularity' pick the winners when I think it should be a combination of the audience AND the professional dancers (judges)

lbgregg said...



who loves ya, baby?

sula said...

hey kristie. well, after last night, i am done with this season of sytycd. i'm skipping the finale. s'rsly. i'm so angry. lol. which is stupid, but there you go. evan should have been gone ages ago. he's cute in what he does but drags down everything else. agree with you on the judging.

lb, i can haz digreee!!! test is over, baybey...and i am done. feels good. :)

whateverfor said...

Hi Sula! I was over at LB's blog and she reminded us all that you finished your MBA!

::standing ovation, round of applause, the crowd goes wild::

Go you!

azteclady said...


*joining whatever for in standing ovation*

Go, sula, GO!!!!

Tracy said...

You're done with School! How cool is that? Congratulations sweeie!