Sunday, December 20, 2009

all snowed up

Didja hear about that blizzard that blanketed the east coast/mid atlantic this weekend? Well, we managed to get smack in the middle of it. Snow began to fall around 9pm Friday night. By Saturday morning, we were under almost a foot and it continued to come down steadily until nightfall. All told, I think we ended up buried under almost two feet of the stuff. Very pretty. But a total mess to clean up. ack!

In other news, I made a batch of lisabea's famous buckeyes to be part of a party spread, and they were a big hit. nom nom nom. And now I'm going to go eat one of the leftover ones because it feels lonely. heh.

And then I'm off to knit whilst curled up in the armchair. It's that kind of day. I hope you are all safe and warm!


Wendy said...

I flew out of LAX on Saturday, and needless to say lots of stranded people there because of canceled East coast flights.

OMG - that picture of your car! Let me count the ways I do not miss weather like that.

sula said...

wendy, I'm glad to hear that you made your flight. DC area airports were supposedly all tied up. poor people. :( Now I just hope DH and I can get our flight down south on thursday without any hitches.

snowed in car = so not fun. I have many unfond memories of those days in college in minnesota. Not missing it so much. At least it only happens here every once in a long while. so much don't know where to start!

Lynn Spencer said...

So pretty! It looks like this in my part of VA as well. We don't get heavy snow very often, so it's kind of a treat to me. Well, maybe not the parts about digging out the car and the city not plowing the streets very well, but otherwise, it's pretty. I wouldn't want this all winter, every winter, though!

Giselle said...

So pretty.LOL @ the car pic.I've never lived anywhere where it snows so to me it's all exotic and mysterious :)

Kwana said...

Knitting is the thing to do. Did your car ever get out of there?