Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Once a year (or so) I post


So being as this is a new year, I guess was bound to start thinking about things I had neglected and nothing could be more neglected than this poor blog. I log in to find that, lo and behold, the last time I posted anything was on this same date. Just, um...two damn years ago. lol.

Rather than get all guilty and make resolutions that I can't and won't stick to, I guess I'm just going to use this space as an occasional free-flowing online journal rather than a review site. I still read a lot but I don't have a big book buying budget and tend to get stuff from the library, paperbackswap, and snag any free kindle deals that look worth the effort. So I can't really comment on the latest hot trends, but whatevs. Books are books and I like reading them. Since I have to write a fair bit now in my "real" life (moar grad school!), I can't promise actual reviews or any coherence. It makes it too much like work and ergo procrastination ensues.

Anyways, on the book front....I spent the last week going through the entire Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Yay library! And yay on waiting to read a series in which each book ended in a cliffhanger. Going through the story in one go was definitely entertaining. I don't think it would been nearly as much fun dragged out. That said, it was a pretty good story, albeit a little repetitive. I can see why there are those who are pro/anti Barrons. Mark me in as a pro-Barrons. What can I say? I like them growly, taciturn, and assholish sometimes. Probably it's the fantasy that the hard-shell guy can and will be saved by the love of a good woman, and all that. I read the first four books within two days and then listened to the last one (Shadowfever) on audiobook. All 20-odd hours of it. Sometimes I dig (narrator) Phil Gigante and sometimes he's a little over-the-top for my tastes, but I have to say that his Barrons definitely worked for me. Yum!

Another holiday library find was Nalini Singh's Kiss of Snow. Which was totally yummy even if the will-they-or-won't-they sexual tension between Hawke and Sienna was dragged out just a wee bit tooooo long. This is a series that I had written off after the first book but have since come around on. Having spent the entire series waiting for Hawke's story, it was delicious when it finally arrived. No regrets here. In fact, I may have to reread it before returning it.

Speaking of the library, I just got an email that they have some of the Moning highlander books waiting for me to pick up. Cuz there is nothing like glomming a backlist once you get going on a series. Going to head over right now and snag them.

So that's what's up chez sula for the moment. Stay tuned or don't. I'm hoping to not wait another two years to post again. :)


Wendy said...

I'm all for the whole free-flowing online journal deal - but just because you read a lot from the library, Paperbackswap and freebies on Kindle doesn't mean that The Collective We wouldn't be interested in seeing commentary on those books. Yes the hot new-ness is awesome, but so are golden-oldies and off-the-beaten path :)

And I still need to finish the Fever series....because I suck like that.

sula said...

Wendy, you are teh awesome, as per usual. Thanks for the encouragement. lol @ the collective We.

As per the Fever series, I can recommend them for a few days of good times fun. I think the voice of the narrator (Mac) is what makes them entertaining, although at times I wanted to smack her. I can't see buying them in hardback and waiting for years between cliffhangers but as a set, they worked. Libraries, how we luvs them!

lisabea said...

Got your email and am about to respond, and then I saw you in my (neglected) Reader.


Two years! Sheesh. You are officially more of a blogger slacker than I am (and that's saying something these days).



Marg said...

What a nice surprise!

I am pro Barrons, but not all that enthusiastic about the series as a whole. Will I read the next connected book...of course I will!

sula said...

liiiiiiisabea! I blame you for my return to the blog. lol. Got all nostalgic and after I emailed you, was like, what the hey...let's blog. heh. Yeah, I win the prize for worst blogger evah. You at least have a good're WRITING books. nom nom nom!

Marg, a lovely surprise to see you too. :) I feel like you. Will read the next connected book, but not a fever "fanatic" or whatever it is they call themselves. But I'd still do Barrons. ahem.

lbgregg said...

Not writing books, too. But that's another story entirely. I mean everyone THINKS I'm writing books, but really, I'm flaking out and doing a lot of yoga.


Glad to see you. SO GLAD. However, I sent your dirty books to blogger Whateverfor. I know. I owe you dirty books. Three of them.

Kristie (J) said...

Sula!!!! It's OH SO GOOD to see you again!! As soon as I'm done saying HI I'm putting you back where you belong. I've missed my Wing Commander

sula said...

lb, yoga is good. dirty books...even bettah! i owe you an email. iz coming your way.

Kristie!!! I see you had a recent wedding in the family. So adorable your son. Good to be back around. :) Did you see the trailer for The Hobbit with RICHard?!??! Even with a big ol' beard, those eyes, mm mm. I can tell I'm going to have a thing for dwarves. lol