Monday, May 5, 2008

MLM - I got nothin'

...well, in fact I DO have something. But that something is a book and not a review (yet). What I have in my hot little hands is the second book in the Jesse and Gideon series (I'm sure they actually have a name, but I am going with Jesse and Gideon because I luvs them). You remember Master of Obsidian by Jamie Craig? This is book 2. Oh yes, there are MORE stories with these two fantastic guys.

More crimes to be solved. More mysteries to unfold. More kinky vampire sex games. More hot manlove!

You can read an excerpt here

Happy ManLove Monday everybody! Head over to lisabea's for a totally fun interview with m/m author Ally Blue.


Carolyn Jean said...

What do you mean you got nothing? A fine hello in a post, a luvley photo. Jamie Craig. Happy Monday.

Katie(babs) said...

Kinky vampire sex?
I am so in.
Pervy Kate, that is me.

lisabea said...

So what' the deal with this chick Emma? I mean...I'm concerned I'm going to be going the way of the Pig here. Hrmph.

That's one chiseled ass. Looks like MINE.

azteclady said...

That's one purty piccy, sula.

Have a good day, peeps!

kim said...

Let us know how that second book is. I too, am curious about that girl Emma.

BTW, you won a book over at Ann Aguirre's place. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic. Very nice study of the male form *grins*

Mary M.

Carolyn Jean said...

Yes, that is very tasteful. Is he holding a giant teddy bear?

sula said...

CJ, I agree that this photo is the epitome of tastefulness. Perhaps he is holding a teddy bear. I leave it to your healthy imagination. heh.

kb, you know you love the kink. it makes life so very interesting. mmm.

lb, I am not quite sure about Emma. In this book she is just introduced and becomes friends with the guys. More of a connection with Jesse than with Gideon but ability to read them both (emotionally). I am not sold on adding a third to what is already a very tight two-some, but I am willing to be convinced. Specially if it means I get to spend more time with Gideon and Jesse. I heart them.

kim, THANK YOU for the heads up. I was all workity-work and would not have seen that until tonite. Ann says my book is on its way. woohoo! Can't wait. Fresh new reads. Spicy too. ummy yummy.

MaryM, I am glad you appreciate my fine artwork. heh. Btw, your book is in the mail. :)

Chris said...

You must read the entire series...perhaps one of the best! Gideon, Jesse (and I'll admit it Emma) constantly invade my fact how is Gideon or Jesse not on that DIK list yet!?!

sula said...

hi there, chris. I hope to read the whole series. I really like those guys. Still not sure about the need for a third but again, if i get to spend more time with G and J, I can tolerate it, I think. heh.

I have a feeling that one of them might just make that list yet. ;)