Monday, May 12, 2008

MLM - Mini review

Good morning MLM lovers! It's that day of the week again. While I do not have anything lengthy prepared, I thought I would put up a very short review of a Jet Mykles story. To go along with galpal lisabea's interview with Jet today.

The story Key to Me is an entry in an anthology called The Ties that Bind published by MLR press (that stands for it!) Noah has been in and out of relationships always looking for that special someone whom he can truly fall in love with but never quite finding his match. Lately, he has been receiving gifts from a secret admirer, and the fact that each gift indicates this admirer really knows him and his most intimate desires is both driving him crazy and seducing the hell out of him. Longtime friend and roommate Mitch continues to tease him about finding his mystery man. His work friends are also involved and eagerly await the details of the latest gift. Noah wonders who it could possibly be.

Then one day Noah receives a note along with his latest gift telling him when and where to meet his secret admirer. Hotness ensues. Mr. Mystery manages to keep his identity shrouded by having Noah wear a blindfold. Did I mention that hotness ensues? Lots of great sexy sex with a slight touch of light BDSM play. Noah becomes more and more emotionally fixated on his mystery lover because he seems to know instinctively what Noah wants, what Noah needs. Hell, who wouldn't be seduced by that? It's romantic fantasy at its best.

Um, so I won't give away the big ol' spoiler, but I'm guessing you can figure it out. The finale is very emotionally satisfying, and I finished the story with a big smile and an "awww, that is so romantic" kind of sigh. Definitely giving this little story a thumbs up. And the rest of the anthology looks good too (I've read about half of the other entries so far). If you're looking for a tasty manlove collection, you can't go wrong with this one.

As I mentioned earlier, miz lisabea is interviewing author Jet Mykles over at her blog today. So go forth and enjoy! Happy MLM!


lisabea said...

This was the first story I read of Jet's and I must admit: that's one spicy spicy meatball. Mmmm.

azteclady said...

Good morning, sula!

How's Vegas? :grin:

*off to lb's blog*

Carolyn Jean said...

Whoa! That sounds like a fabulous story. And sort of cute, and also, that the action would be totally integrated with the character and plot in a way, you know?

Thanks for the review! (and watch your mail...!)

JenB said...

I looooved Jet's story in THE TIES THAT BIND. Actually, I loved the entire anthology. And J. L.'s horse shifter story...oh my. *fans self*

Thanks for the review!

Bev(QB) said...

You know, I have that anthology and I've read the first story (Jet's) and the last (JL and Dick's) but I keep forgetting to go back and read the middle two stories.

I agree that the ones I read were VERY enjoyable and if I ever get back to the other two I'll expand on that thought. LOL-- course at this rate, I'll have to re-read the first two by then.

lisabea said...

Bev. heh. That Dick, right? He certainly contributed a righteous scene, I think one of my favs EV, in that there horsie book. Phew.

lb thinks of reading it again....

Bev(QB) said...

Now see, he never told me that he contributed a specific scene. Dammit. Which one was it?

lisabea said...

Well. I don't know for sure. I'm totally guessing here, but, I mean, that thing behind the curtain? I'm sure he had some, er, input on that..I should ask him. Or JL. Or not. Maybe they'll throw rox.

Sarai said...

Alright well damn now I have to look this one up. I have been debating about reading some of her work but this sounds TOO GOOD to pass up.
Great review and thanks for the heads up!

Maura Anderson said...

I have to admit that I had a great time editing that book.

I'm still dying for another of JL's horse shifters!

sula said...

ack, late as usual. damn DIK!!!

lb, I think this may have been my first Jet story too. Sooo tasty and satisfying, it definitely will not be the last.

az, good morning and helllllo Vegas! I have finished the first two stories, sped-read (need to go back and reread) the Anya Bast one and about halfway through the d/s one. heh. thots and comments to follow...

CJ, yes this was a totally fun little vignette. Very tight and very romantic. *fixes mailbox with gimlet stare*

bev, you found me out. lol. I too have not read the middle stories. ok technically i have read the laura bambauch story because one of them is an excerpt from a longer story of hers which I've read (did I review that one?...think so). JL and Dick's story was also quite memorable. *ahem* yes, lb, i AM talking about THAT scene. holy hotness batman.

sarai, i hope you enjoy it. Anthologies are nice because you get to dabble in a variety of new authors. And then get hooked on them and go buy more. lol.

hi maura! If editing the book was as much fun as reading it (doh, of course it would including reading it lol), then I am indeed envious. I am jonesing for JL to write the story of the other brother (Adam?).