Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dawn on a new day.

Well, I intended to post something this morning, but got too caught up in anticipating the big day. And it was. A red letter day. I could talk for hours. Or post for seconds. Really, there is just so much running through my head and my heart.

But for now, I'm too full of emotion to blog. I'm still soaking in all the coverage and enjoying the moment. Having my glass(s) of wine and shedding a tear (or ten). There is a lot to be done, and I'm ready to do my part. This is just the beginning. Yes we can.

(and now I'm watching a retrospective of the day and bawling like a baby again)

edited to add: zomg, this picture is full of wow. (full credit to the person who created it)


lisabea said...


I love the ObiconMe posters. Love IT!!!

(You two are so sweet)

sula said...

heh, well someone gave me that there link. *g* merci! I had fun tooling around with those. Doesn't DF look great? :)

Sarai said...

It was an amazing day I watched it at the hospital. The cool part even though we are a childrens hospital during the speech and swearing in everyone had the TV on to see it. No cartoons were playing and everyone was very silent. It was awe inspiring.

Tracy said...

Great posters! And I love the picture at the bottom. Wonderful. It was such a great day. I love watching history.

Tracy said...

Sorry - history being made! lol