Wednesday, May 6, 2009

omg, i am reading books!

yes, this should not be a banner headline on a blog where i supposedly talk about books and romance books and reading. But given my long wilderness of busy work, mba homework, and all other such has been eons since I actually have had the time or energy to sit down and read. a book!

a book, a book, my kingdom for a book.

So now that I have turned in all my papers and taken all my finals (for this semester anyways) and even though my summer classes have started (but don't have any homework yet), I took the time to walk to the library yesterday after work. Did I mention that I love living so close to the library? k, just had to repeat it.

My quick perusal of the paperback shelves gave me these:

Ok, so two of those I've already read (the Holly and the Kleypas) but it's been a while so why not a reread? And the others are new to me.

Last night I sat up and read the Carlyle book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been so long since I've curled up with a good romance novel and just savored...what a treat. I'm now on to the Quinn. Scuze me while I go read some more. I could get used to this...

Oh and one other bit of library news; I got on the waiting list for this little book. Thank goodness for libraries because I don't pay for hardcover.

I figure it may come available about the time I get back from my trip to Taiwan. woot!


azteclady said...


Just to say that while I rarely comment, I visit here every day, hoping for new posts :grin:

Glad you've had some good reading time!

sula said...

awwww, thank you for coming to my lonely blog. lol. I've been so horrible about updating. I miss everyone tho. :(

Reading...iz gud! I feel so decadent. heh.

Carolyn Crane (aka Carolyn Jean) said...

NICE Haul! Welcome back to the world of fun reading!

lbgregg said...

Never Romance a Rake.

Or a hoe.


sula said...

ceeeeejay! Or do I have to call you CC? heh. thanks for the welcome back. reading. all the cool kids are doin' it.

lb, just watch out for those garden utilities.

Rosie said...

Obviously I missed something somewhere cuz Taiwan! When do you go? Is it another tour guide thingy? Don't you love the technical terms I use?

It must feel great to have your papers turned in for this term. Can't believe all the stuff you do.

sula said...

oh yeah, i forgot to blog about it. heh. I am going to Taiwan for about two weeks for my job. not like the africa trip which was sort of me playing faculty role...this is my real job. *g* Then I am in LA for a conference. Then home. whew!

still have to plan a september wedding, finish two more mba classes and graduate. *sigh*

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

LA is the first hardcover I have bought since the last In Death book. The In Death books are the only HC I will buy but could not deny myself my pimp.
Such cute kitties all over your blog :D