Wednesday, April 29, 2009

why do today what you can put off...

Whew. So, in typical fashion I have managed to procrastinate on a number of critical school projects until the last possible minute. Why oh why do I do this to myself? I had four projects to do, all needing to be finished this week. Finished one powerpoint the day before it was to be presented. I have no problems standing up in front of people and talking, so I WISH all my assignments were those, but noooo, I had papers to write. I've just finished a 10 page term paper as well as a 9 page essay take-home exam. I took off half a day from work just to get these put to bed. Tomorrow I have one more presentation but I finished those powerpoint slides last night. Oh well. It's done now. But I really have to figure out a better way to do this.

In the spirit of self-help, I have downloaded an audiobook from my library called "The NOW habit: stopping procrastination". Lol. Maybe I'll learn something.

Tomorrow I have friends visiting from out of town. They are here for the weekend and much frivolity will be had. Not to mention that I haven't seen my friend A in over 2 years and I haven't told her about my 70 pound weight loss. mwahaha. In fact, it was the photos from her b-day party that gave me the kick in the arse to join WW. So I'm kind of looking forward to shocking her. heh.

K, time for bed. I hope I will now have at least a teeny tiny bit more time for recreational reading. I'm getting very weary of boring school stuff. /whine


Tracy said...

An audio book about stopping procrastination? How's that going? or did you put it off? bwahaha! Sorry, I couldn't resist! :)

Have fun with your friends this weekend - I'll be interested to see what she says when she sees the new you. :)

Rosie said...

Just catching up with your April haps. Crikeys I hadn't read your posts back to April 13th...that's just pathetic!

Loved the post on the NR movies. I agree that NORTHERN LIGHTS was tolerable. I watched HIGH NOON because I'd really loved that book. Casting was actually pretty good, at least they were nice to look at. However, the script was choppy. Bummer that.

Love the DF knowing who Jason Lewis was. GG never remembers anybody. I get a lot of "oh yeah, yeah, that's right that's who that is." Aieee Carumba!

sula said...

traaaaacy, thanks for stopping by my wee sleepy blog. as you can see from the delay in response, my weekend and time with friends was very good. heh. we had a fab time. As for the audiobook, I am back on it after (snort) procrastinating to listen to it. LOL! But seriously, it is helpful and I am picking up some good ideas.

rosie, so nice to see ya! I didn't get to see High Noon but I'm sure it will be on again. DF sure knows his TV faces. But what really cracks me up is that he enjoys Sex and the City and doesn't act like it's too girly for him to watch. *g*

i too have to catch up on ye olde blog readre.