Monday, April 20, 2009

happy monday

How was your weekend?

Mine went by too quickly. I woke up bright and early at 6am on Saturday morning to go to the first session of one of my summer courses. It's being held every other Saturday for four hours at a pop. And is in a satellite campus that takes 40 minutes to drive to. oh joy. Just what you want to do with your Saturday morning. (Did I mention that I'm not done with my spring classes yet?) Anyways, that was Saturday morning. That afternoon, I had a team meeting with classmates from another course. Twas a good time...we ate jerk chicken at a local Jamaican joint. sooo tasty. Then my lack of sleep caught up with me and I actually started feeling ill - vertigo and stuff. Came home and crashed into bed at 6pm and slept all night. Saturday came and went without much fun being had. :(

Sunday, DF and I drove up to DC with another friend to see our first major league baseball game. The Washington Nationals vs. the Florida Marlins. Our friend had been given a set of tickets from someone else...they were in a great spot and quite close. DF had never seen baseball, so there was a lot of explaining about rules and such. He enjoyed himself but was annoyed at the vendors walking up and down the aisles and blocking his view as well as all the spectators coming and going (to the snack shop!) The great American it baseball or eating? I'm not sure. lol.

Take us out to the ballgame

And now for some truly exciting and actual READING-related news...

My BFF lisabea aka lb gregg aka super kewl author is gonna have a new book released very soon. You can read an excerpt here (careful, it's smokin') and then go buy it very shortly from here. As a sometime beta reader and general friend, I will cop to having had a sneak peak and lemme tell you, it's good stuff. More of the men in springfield and I'm going to want to move there myself, I tell you.


lisabea said...

The ball park food is pricey pricey. But the games are better live than on tv, for sure.

Hey thanks for the pimpage, Sula. Mwah.

Only...not too close because I do NOT want to catch your sickness! Glad you're better.

~lb yer bff

sula said...

yeah, that food is uber-cher. 6 bucks for a dinky hotdog...8 bucks for a beer. yikes! I'm actually pretty bored by baseball, but it was ok live.

i can't wait for your new book! iz gud fun.

and i'm not sick...seems like it was just too little sleep or something. moral of the story...don't take classes that make you get up early. lol.

Stacy~ said...

Stadium food prices are outrageous. I usually only go to hockey games because I'm so engrossed watching the action that I totally forget about eating.

Yay for Lisabea! I just have to get the first one. I'm such a slacker.

Tracy said...

I'll only watch baseball live and in person - otherwise I get too distracted! lol

Love your pictures! Glad you got some sleep!

Kwana said...

Look at you watching baseball and having fun. It's been way too long since stopped by so I'm saying hi. Hi!

sula said...

hey stacy, it's crazy how much they think they can charge. I saw a hockey game once when I lived in MN. Wow, those guys BEAT on each other. It kinda shocked me. lol.

tracy, I will admit that I never watch baseball. toooo boring. It was ok live tho. More for the hanging out with friends part.

kwana! long time no see. well, then again, long time no blog, on my part. HI! how's the knitting?