Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my many lives

Whew. Talk about taking a long break from blogging, eh? I feel guilty but it seems like each time I sit down with the intention to say something, I get pulled away by homework or something else. Work is busy. MBA classes are requiring lots of out-of-class work (wah!). Wedding plans...yeah, I ought to get started with those. Not to mention a friend of DF's visiting from France for four days (which was great fun but meant playing hostess and doing a lot of entertaining and cooking and stuff). So um yeah, the blog...

I'm gonna try to get back in the groove. Even if I don't have anything pithy to say. heh.

So, this being a blog supposedly having to do with romance novels...I read one recently! Scandal by Carolyn Jewel. Yes, I know, I'm late to the party but as they say, better late than never. Due to my busy schedule, I actually took the time to read this over the course of a week rather than in one fell swoop (my usual M.O. for book-readin') and it fit the pace of the story, I think. I enjoyed the attention to detail, the characters and the reformed-rake story being turned a bit on its head. It was heartbreaking in places and scorching hot in others. A very satisfying read. Thank you to Rosie for providing me with a copy. This is an author I'm going to keep a look out for.

In music news, my favorite band in the whole wide world released a new album. Yes, that band, the incomparable U2. Being the massive fan that I am, I can't be objective. It's the kind of album that is a grower, lots of interesting ideas and musical bits and bobs that are completely familiar if you've been listening to their 20+ year canon but that might seem random and odd if your only exposure is megahits like "With or Without You" or "Beautiful Day". In other words, I heart it! lol. My favorite song on the album is called Magnificent and you can listen to it here.

Lastly in the spirit of romance and stuff, I give you this photo of DF and I at the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. last weekend. Crowds of people, lots of wind, but we managed to keep warm. ;-)


Rosie said...

U2 has a new album? Sheesh! What am I living under a rock or what? I did see concert tickets for them somewhere...

Glad you liked the book. I'm anxious for the next one by Ms. Jewel too.

Oh, and what a great, great photo!

Renee said...

Loved, loved, loved Scandal. It does have that sedate pacing.

U2 is awesome! I've seen them live a few times. They never fail to be great. I've listened to the new one, but need to hear it a few more times before it "sinks in."

Such a sweet picture of you guys! :-)

sula said...

roooooosie! Yep, U2 has a new album and you should get it. Not that I'm objective or anything. ahem. Thanks again for the book. It was much appreciated. I hope to have that other one in the mail for you sometime this week. :)

Renee, aren't U2 incredible live? I saw them four times on the Elevation tour. Sadly, missed the last one entirely (being in Africa and all that) but may get a chance to see them this time around. Keep listening...this one is a real grower. Now that it's got stuck in my head I can't stop playing it. heh.

DF and I have a scarcity of snapshots featuring the two of us. Something I have vowed to remedy. This seemed like a good start. lol.

Tracy said...

Awwwww - look at how cute you two are being all kissy face. You guys really do make a great looking couple. :)