Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm going to a Seder tonight! Nope, I'm not Jewish, but I do have an interest in other faiths particularly since the Exodus story is so common to my own faith (and even plays a part in DF's). Our uni is hosting the event and a local rabbi is presiding. I thought it would be interesting, so I'm off to eat matzo. And hopefully some of that yummy charoset.

In other news, I have a summer session class that (wait for it) starts this Saturday! ugh. I'm not done with spring classes yet!!! So I've gotta try to hustle through all my final projects and homework as well as buy a new book and get started on yet more homework. blech. Do masters students get senioritis? Cuz I'm feeling it. Just gotta get through these two summer courses and I graduate in August. woot! And I'm already considering what other courses I may take in the fall in another discipline. Because, hey, if you get free tuition for working there, you ought to take advantage.

I guess today is tax day, but I'm still not done. I don't know if I have ever turned in my taxes on time in my life. And I always get a refund, so it's silly to procrastinate in getting money back. But there you have it. This year I am going to file online with one of those free services. And instead of the 1040EZ, I'm gonna itemize! I feel like such a grownup. heh.

Lastly, I found this photo and it made me think of the recent Amazon censorship kerfuffle. Kinda funny...think of the children!!!

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