Monday, August 31, 2009

tick tock

So my newly minted 30-year-old self is now ready to get all primped and prettified for this here upcoming wedding. I got my hair trimmed for the first time in over a year and colored with something other than clairol out of the box. Figured doing it two weeks before the big day would give me a chance to get used to any changes. I have an appointment to go in and do a trial run of my hair style later this week.

I'm hoping someone can give me some sage advice about tanning salons. I don't go to them, but it appears I am going to have to. My dress is a lovely sleeveless thing, but I never go sleeveless in real life, so I have a nifty triangle shaped tan from my neck to my chest and farmer tan from my upper arms down. ack! (my helpful fiance notes with glee that HE doesn't have such problems...pffft, yeah because his skin is all one lovely shade of luscious chocolate. yum. um, where was I....?) Anyways, I plan to drop in at a tanning place nearby and get started on evening my shade out.

My poor chewed up nails are going to have to be covered with those ghastly press-on thingies. Why oh why did I not shake that nail-biting habit???? Oh well, too late now. I would say just screw it but apparently my hands (with rings) may figure prominently in the photography. bah. Open toed shoes mean a pedicure is also in order. I wonder if the hair salon person can do that for me.

All these little details, but I guess they are sorta important. At least I have the next two weeks to get them done. Then again, between my slamming work schedule, my three-times-a-week Spanish class (you didn't think that just because I finished that MBA, I was gonna take a break from school now?), cooking all our meals from scratch, and finalizing all the little last-minute wedding stuff (make ipod playlist, choose vows and ceremony structure, call caterer to verify tablecloth numbers, etc.)....wahhhh!

Ok, whining is done. Does anyone have any songs they want to suggest for my reception playlist? I had to fire the band, so it looks like ipod to the rescue. :)

Btw, amidst all this silliness, I still carve out time for reading. Cuz you just can't live without your books, dammit! Check out the lovely one I found at the library this weekend.


Rosie said...

Oh the countdown and insanity to wedding day! You'll be fine and just do what feels or seems the most natural to you.

One thing about tanning. It's best to do it slowly and in stages and very hard (even in a tanning bed) to even out a tan where there are dramatic lines.

I think you should look into the spray on places and do a small patch and see if you can match a natural skin tone and then do your whole self so it's even.

Might be pricey though. I've never done it, but I have a very pale SIL that does.

azteclady said...

Wedding prep: The most important thing is to remember to enjoy the process.

Tanning: I'm with Rosie--try the spray on instead.

sula said...

yeah, I was thinking about the spray stuff but I'm terrified of turning out orange. ack! In any event, I need to get my butt in there TODAY since the event is two weeks from last saturday. The lines aren't super dramatic but more like a fade into lighter skin. Maybe if I go get a good base tan today and then have short visits every few days until the wedding? there goes the beauty budget. LOL

Trying to enjoy the process and not stress too much. I am kind of at the point where I just want it to be here so we can get it over with. Marriage license is in hand, so technically we can elope anytime! heh.