Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's kind of fun being a bride. People throw parties for you and give you presents and all kinds of things. heh. So yesterday evening was my shower. My cousin and maid-o-honor planned it and we had it at the gorgeous spacious home of our celebrants. (How cool is this, our celebrants are a husband and wife both of whom are ordained ministers and super ecuminical, they are both going to do the ceremony, tag team). Anyways, the wee party was just lovely. We had wine and cheeses, specialty breads, crackers, fruit, brie en croute, yum yum yum.

Out on the patio overlooking the valley, sun setting, good conversation, laughs with friends. It was an excellent evening. Oh and I got my Kitchenaid stand-up mixer, so my life is pretty much complete now. lol. Other gifts include many assorted kitchen tools (which I lurve cuz I like to cook) and gift cards to places like TJ Maxx and (heh) Victoria's Secret.

And now I gotta run because I scheduled my dental cleaning visit for this week (smart, yes?)


Wendy said...

Man, it's just around the corner now isn't it? Squeeeeee for you!

Tracy said...

How fun. I love bridal showers - just love them. Those and baby showers are my favs. So glad you got your stand-up mixer. My life would be complete with that as well. lol

Rosie said...

That table is just gorgeous looking. I'm just giddy for you. You are in final week countdown now.

Can you stand it????

Christine said...

How lovely, sula! And very exciting, too! =)