Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The other night I was feeling very nautical, what with a week full of grey and rainy days. So I rummaged around and pulled out our copy of Master and Commander. I'd forgotten how thoroughly enjoyable a good sea yarn can be, not to mention how curiously attractive Mr. Russell Crowe can be in the right role. It made me long for a good shipboard romance, so I pulled out a Marsha Canham novel. Why isn't she still writing? *sniff*

Anyways, here's to those rousing adventures of derringdo on the high seas. I like to imagine myself participating in a leading role...and then I remember that I get seasick in a bathtub and my likelihood of being Keira Knightly to Johnny Depp's Cap'n Jack is low indeed. ah well.


lisabea said...

Le Sigh.

I suffer from mal de mer as well. Boo. But RC is looking right fine and manly in Master and Commander.

Nice to see you Sula. Now I'm the one disappearing!

Tracy said...

Yes, Crowe does look curiously attractive in this movie. I think I'm liking the hair pulled back with the blond.

I get motion sickness on roller coasters so I'm thinking I might do just as badly on a boat. At least boats back then.

Rosie said...

I had a grin when I noted who the three commenters are on this particular post.

Mr Crowe does not light my fire like Ms. Lb's however, I did thoroughly enjoy this movie. It's just very well done and captures a particular moment and place in time so perfectly.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Mr Crowe at is very best, thanks for sharing also your dress was beautiful and I wish you every happiness.