Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Good morning friends. Did everyone have a nice Labor Day weekend? I was just thinking to myself that one of the best parts of a 3-day weekend is that it is accompanied by a 4-day work week. yay!

Random notes for the day in no particular order.

1. Lisabea and I collaborated on a ManLoveMonday post yesterday. If you haven't already done so, you can read it here. It's fun and goofy and full of pretty menz photos. Hope you like.

2. Way back in February, I thought it would be fun to see how many people were already wishing for JR Ward's Lover Enshrined on paperbackswap.com before it was even out. 477! And for shits and giggles I put myself on the list to get it at position 478. Well, guess what? It just arrived on Friday. LOL! Think about that. Some 400+ people bought it, read it, and traded it out on PBS. That's a high traffic, high volume book there. To compare, I've been on the wait list for Judy Cuevas' Dance for freakin' EVER and I still haven't budged from number 33.

3. In reference to LE, I'm about halfway through it at this point. Initial thoughts include:
- Yes, Phury is a whiny baby and I want to slap him
- Cormia is not turning out to be as wussy as expected
- Normally I get really tired of the John Matthew interludes but this time they are interesting
- Like others have noted, this book is definitely NOT romance-centric. Pretty standard urban fantasy with a big cast of characters. Not sure how I'm feeling about that.
- Rhevenge!!!!!!
- Regardless of my jonesing for the old-skool type of BDB book (Lover Eternal *sniff*), JR's writing is still freaking addictive and I'm still compelled to find out WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I had to force myself to put the book down and get to bed last night. So I guess that means the series isn't done with me yet.

3. I had a lovely time unplugging and relaxing yesterday at my cousin's country cabin up in WVA. My DBF and her DBF fished, and we gals lounged on inflatable rafts in the pond. Clear blue skies, sun, breeze, Corona beer and all is right with the world. Good times.


Katiebabs said...


and REHV

Stacy~ said...

I didn't hate this book (LE) as much as some people did, but the magic is gone. Still, I'm addicted, but now it's against my will...

Christine said...

I like the way you claim the BDB isn't finished with you yet. Like it's out of your control. I can totally relate. LOL

Your day yesterday sounds like a little slice of heaven. Good for you! =)

Carolyn Jean said...

Your weekend sounds lovely! And I really appreciated this write up on LE. I have the book here, and I haven't quite had the will to get to it, as JM and lesser interludes SO bug me. But maybe I will go for it. I hear RHEV is in it.

azteclady said...

I didn't hate it, at all.

I just won't buy hardbacks for this series, is all. If and when the next one comes out in paperback I remember, I'll get it.

perhaps used...


Tracy said...

Leave it to the BDB to suck you in once again...just like it does me! :)

Glad you had a nice weekend.

sula said...

hey kb, i think we are running the rehv appreciation society here. lol. when does that book release again? too far from now, whatever it is.

stacy, i think this one was an improvement on the last. in terms of the writing overall and how the action went. but i preferred V as a hero over Phury.

christine, you caught me. lol. it's like an addiction that i can't help and can't rationally explain.

CJ, yes as you may have guessed there is a guy named RHEV who makes a few appearances. lol. And JM has come a long way. I used to skip his parts and in this book they were more interesting than the supposed "hero's" story.

az, as you notice from the second bullet point, I got this one from the swap site. heh. At first I put my name on the list as a joke thinking that with 400+ people in line before me meant that it would never become available. Then I forgot about it. And sure enough...voila. heh. Hardback sucks tho. I won't be shelling out cash for it. That's why god invented libraries.

tracy, those damned brothers just hypnotize me every time. damn them!!! *shakes fist* Actually, I'm cracking myself up by looking at the LOLcat picture directly below this post. "Yesss, evil plan wurking" he looks so cute and furry and yet so crafty. heh

Katiebabs said...

Our sexy mo fo pimpp is set to hit the shelves in May. I can't wait to see what is in store. Oh, did I tell you who the princess he is screwing really is?? It is so sick!! ACK