Saturday, February 9, 2008

what's up with saturday...

Randomness in no particular order.

1. This morning I woke up at 7am because I had signed up to participate in a volunteer opportunity sponsored at the uni where I work. I figured I could spare a few hours on a Saturday. I was with the group going to Habitat for Humanity. It was pretty cool. We ripped all of the siding off a house so that it can be redone properly next week (apparently the people who put it on did it all wrong). Gosh, my arms are out of shape. I tore into that stuff, yanking off slats, pulling out nails and stuff, hammering in the nails that were broken. By the end, my arms were shaky. lol. Still, it was good to be outdoors and to be doing something physical. I'm glad I went. And I think I will contact HFH directly and see about volunteering from time to time in the future.

2. An entry at zeek's blog made me think of JR Ward's upcoming books. So on a whim, I thought I'd go over to and see what the average wait time would be for Lover Enshrined. ha! Guess how many people have it on their wish list? Just guess!



3. I love my new crockpot. I got it for Xmas from my parents (basically, I told them that I wanted one, so that's what I got) and I've only used it a handful of times so far. I made some chili last week which lasted me for a long time. Yesterday morning we had a breakfast party at work and I made this cool ham, hashbrowns, egg, cheese casserole thingy that I threw together at night, put the pot to cook all night and woke up and it was done. How cool is that? Now I'm making split pea soup. I'm on a roll!

4. I watched 3 episodes of Doctor Who last night and they were all freaking FANTASTIC! (I wish I could say that word with the same panache of Chris Eccleston.) First there was this amazing two parter Human Nature/Family of Blood in which we get to see the Doctor as someone other than the Doctor. What a great range of emotions and Tennant did a bang-up job. Bravo! I actually shed a tear at the end when he has to make the difficult choice to return to his lonely traveling lifestyle in order to save the world. Then there was Blink, which was creepy and terrifying and not the episode you should watch just before turning out the lights and going to bed. Think of stone angel statues that attack in the blink of an eye but freeze into place if you look at them. Just don't look away and whatever you do...don't blink! (the power of eyes were so irritated from crying in the previous episode I could do nothing BUT blink. lol)

5. Just finished reading With Caution by JL Langley and plan to write more about it for Man Love Monday. Stay tuned...


Carolyn Jean said...

Hey earlybird,

Good for you on that volunteer action. So, do you have Enshrined on YOUR wishlist?

lisabea said...

mmmm...crockpot....I love to make beef stew in mine.

With Caution. I guess I'll have to wait and see what you come up with~ The thought of those nipple clamps today makes me want to barf. Can't imagine why......Any other time, and I can go with it.


sula said...

hey there CJ. The earlybird gets the worm, they say. Today I managed to sleep in all the way till 9am! woot! Lover Enshrined is on my auto-buy list. I'll be haunting Borders and BAM as soon as it's likely to appear. But I have to make plans for Rhev's book since it seems that it will be hardcover. I don't do hardcover at full price. Ever. For anyone. Even my all-time love-anything-she-writes author Gabaldon. So as soon as the title goes up on the swap sites, I'll put my little request in and wait for a year, I guess. lol.

lisabea, I can't imagine why that particular mental image is unappealing to you at this moment. Here's a happier thought. Leather chaps and a red jock strap. *fans self* Is it hot in here?

lisabea said...

NOW you know, right? How that entire post/discussion was born. I'm like, what? Jock? Huh? OOOOHHH. That's hot! But, not for my hubbie. We'll stay with the tried and true boxer brief from Walmart. No fireboy panties for him.

Anyway: that book isn't perfect, pfft, but I LOVED it.

Yes. My little bits are extremely painful without any added measures.

Katie(babs) said...

Man love Monday... sigh...
Lover Enshrined is the last book I need to get out of the original 3 I posted and I am drooling to read.

Nipple clamps?!?!? Bleck. Ouch.