Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

Yesterday started off with little bouts of snow flurries which turned into freezing rain in the late afternoon. My night class was cancelled which meant more time to lollygag at home. This morning I woke up and checked the school website only to find that due to the weather, we were going to open at noon. yippee! More sleep! And just now, they've updated to say that we're closed all day long. Outside I can see my car encased in ice and the freezing rain continues to fall. So what do you call this? Not a snow day per se. Ice day?

I call it a day in which I ought to be studiously working on a monster Finance project for class night week but in which I'm more happily ensconced watching the last few episodes of Doctor Who Season 3. lol. Procrastination is my specialty.


kim said...

Wow, I grew up in the north and I don't miss the ice and snow at all...especially the scraping of car windows, yuck. It is going to be in the 60's here today *g*.

Stay warm and enjoy your day off!

Katie(babs) said...

Snow sucks. Slush sucks. Can't play naked rugby with the boys in this crap.

Sarai said...

So i would have killed (not literally) for that. Just once this winter I want snow enough to cancel work! Seriously enough to make it worth while but no it all goes to you guys. Can't Kansas catch a break and Sarai get a day off to catch up on shows???

sula said...

well, it's a sunny day today and all the ice is gone. Back to work and school and all that. I was very unproductive on my free day. Watched lots of Doctor Who, read one of those free E-harlequin's I got over Xmas and read Midnight Awakening too. And I still have a mountain of homework looming over my head.

kim, I used to live in MN which of course had loads of snow. Of course, they never cancelled school or work for such a thing. lol.

katiebabs, definitely too cold for the dangly bits. They are welcome to come indoors for hot chocolate and cuddling tho. ;)

sarai, I will send some inclement weather your way. Just don't blame me if you get bored sitting at home. :)

lisabea said...

But the real question is: How was tango?

sula said...

Tango got cancelled on account of the school closure. But it's rescheduled for next week (I think). So we shall see. *g*

lisabea said...

Well, Happy VD, my man loving cohort. Heh. I love that he said that.

My news is: bagged North and South last night. And my crush? Higgins. Snort if you like, but he's got some meat on his bones.

sula said...

why thank you, my manlovin' friend. And a very happy Vday to you, the girls and the old man.

N&S! Higgins is great. I had a tiny crush on him myself. Specially when he gets that sly twinkle in his eye.

Did you watch the whole thing yet? Train scene!

lisabea said...

I have to admit that I did indeed melt. It was when she took his had with her other....long time coming, that. That ending was filled with teh awesome. And I love even more that you wrote about N&S on your exam. :)

Yay!!! Next up: Cinderella Man.

Then I'm finding the Quick and the Damned and I'm SOO watching it.

lisabea said...

Ok. the word is HAND. She took his HAND.

grrh. Had to break out the pain pills bout an hour ago. My typing is screwed.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I just found your page through Josh Lanyon's Live Journal.

I am very interested in your love of Doctor Who. I am quite a fan too but am interested to know if you know the history of the show. That it started way back in the 60's (though there was a quite a large break in the 90's) - and that David Tenannt is actually the 10th Dr Who?


sula said...

hello there, kellie and welcome! Any friend of Josh's... :)

Actually I always was subliminally aware that there was a show called Doctor Who and that it had run for like...forever in the UK. But I had never seen it. Didn't think I'd be interested. Then I was house-sitting for some friends and happened to watch some BBC America and saw bits of a few episodes and was intrigued. Then Carrie Lofty (a very nice author and blogger) mentioned it a few times on her blog and since we have similar tastes in many things (U2 forever!), I thought I'd give it a whirl. And well, the rest is history. *g*

I have steadily worked my way through the new series from Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant. And now I'm about ready to glom Torchwood.

Favorite moments? Best episodes? I'm all ears. Who's your favorite Doctor?

Katie(babs) said...

Train scene, naked rugby and dangly bits. My new favorite words :)
Ohhh Sula you tango? That is very sexy. You are bringing sexy back.

lisabea said...

Dirty babe
You see these shackles
Baby I'm your slave
I'll let you whip me if I misbehave
It's just that no one makes me feel this way

Sorry, I was having a JT momment.

Anonymous said...

Well my favorite doctor always has been and always will be Tom Baker. He was just the best doctor and most agree though I am very taken with David Tennant.

It is hard to compare the old with the new as the series used to be a bit different. When first made the budget was really small and special effects were not what they are now and it was all bad costumes and tin foil and some bloke in a tin suit as a dalek.
But all that was the charm of it. Plus it was great when the Doctor always had the Master coming in and out trying to upset things and when he kept popping back to galifrey (which is of course no longer)and getting in trouble for not doing his timelord duties quite as he should have.

The most loved companion too for me and many others was Sarah Jane Smith and I loved her and I loved how they bought her back to be reunited with the David Tennant Doctor with K9 too - as a child I just loved K9!!

So I love the current Doctor but still have a soft spot for the old series where it all first started. My dad and I (who has been passed for over 15 years now) used to watch it together and I have great memories of it and we could discuss the pros and cons of every new doctor as he would appear. I often wonder what he would make of the new stuff.

If you can get a hold of the old stuff then I recommend you do but be warned it is quite different.

You know funnily enough I actually find Rose a bit annoying and was a bit miffed that the doctor seemed so taken with her. It just didn't fit for me. Personally I would rather him fall for Captain Jack!!

I have not seen series three yet - it will be on UKTV here in Australia soon and I hope to get the dvd's at some point.

Gosh listen to me go! We will have to exchange email addresses or something so I don't keep taking up room on your blog!