Monday, February 18, 2008

Manlove Monday Lite

I'm emerging from my cocoon of financial data analysis overload (don't ask...big MBA class project due next week, entire weekend spent manipulating numbers in spreadsheets and creating financial models, w00t).

Anyways, blogger buddy lisabea and I decided to hold an abbreviated version of our patended MLM ™. This week's entry will be short and sweet (at least on my end...I think hers will be longer and bettah). But hopefully still entertaining and fun. *g*

This is yet another short clip from Torchwood. That Captain Jack...he knows how to kiss teh mens! But rather than tender and romantic, this interchange tends towards the aggressive and violent. whoooeeeee, it's hot in there! All you Buffy fans will no doubt recognize the object of Jack's affection/aggression.

Happy Manlove Monday to everyone!


lisabea said...

I love that song. Heh. Sula, you are so naughty.

Still say he looks like Bailey from Party of Five (making it THAT much hotter...)

Carolyn Jean said...

Whoa! Spike! What a treat this little video was. I sure would be interested to know what happened to lead up to all this. Thanks, Sula.

Katie(babs) said...

That clip makes me all tingly inside. Kissy kissy!!

Tumperkin said...

Liv that Cardiff accent.

Katie(babs) said...

I have watched this episode!!
Man Love in its ultimate glory.
I so want Jack and John, at the same time!!

lisabea said...

Suuulllaaaaa!!!! Suuuulllllaaaa!!! Hope you've crawled out from under the pile.