Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Here but not here

Wow. I really have slowed down my blogging. I think that's due to a couple of things. One, I'm back in MBA classes which take up my Tuesday and Thursday evenings (class) and chunks of my weekend (homework). Two, my job is hitting the busiest season of our year (college admissions) and by the time I get home, I don't feel like typing or thinking or anything. Three, I'm in a bit of a reading funk. Part of that getting home and being tired thing. Four, I've spent the last two weeks (has it really been that long) on a mega-glom of Doctor Who shows. Fantasy is so much better than reality. le sigh.

Anyways, I did read one new book this past weekend, The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne. Top notch book; loved it. Gonna try to review it properly soon. And I bought another JL Langley book last night, With Caution. I plan to settle down with that one over the weekend so as to have some new manlove to talk about on monday. lisabea, are we on for MLM this week?

Oh yeah, and I still need to complete my ballot for the AAR poll. I'm gonna do it. Every night I say that I will sit down and finish it. But then I get distracted. Thing is, I don't really read books the year they're published. Or at least not all that many. If you skim this blog, you'll find far more reviews of old books that I picked up at the library than any hot, current ones. What can I say? I'm cheap and the library's free. Besides, there's a lot of books out there and many of them, I've not yet read. *g* But yeah, I will complete my ballot. Because I vote! (and there's another thing that's been taking up my attention lately...politics. But I won't go into that here.)

As for Doctor Who...after starting in the middle of the series, I went back and watched season 1 in which Christopher Eccleston played the Doctor. I have to say, I wasn't expecting to like him as much as Tennant but I grew really attached to him. He's got an almost feral vibe. Very lean and rangy, dark and unpredictable. Funny too. I got all choked up at the end of the season when he 'changed'. *sniff* And then of course I get used to Tennant again (but still miss Chris) and get all comfy with him and Rose flying all over the universe battling Daleks and other evil whatnots. And then Rose has to leave. *sob* So here I am in the middle of season 3. Still hanging in there. Missing old characters but always up for a bang-up story in which the Doctor meets new challenges and manages to save the world yet again.


lisabea said...

I'm in. I just finished my interview with Josh Lanyon. What a nice guy.

And I filled out that ballot with ebooks. Samantha Kane, JL, Josh, pfft. Oh and lots of JR Ward and Meljean.



Katie(babs) said...

Don't kill me Sula, but the good doctor has some big floppy ears in that picture. LOL
You are tempting me to watch some of The Who. But no time!! Ack.

Susan/DC said...

If you like Christopher Eccleston's vibe, be sure to see him in "Elizabeth" and "A Price Above Rubies". He's the villain in both and does a great job of being both deliciously attractive and evil.

Tumperkin said...

But don't you think it's David Tennant that Rose falls in love with (and who loves Rose)? I thought the DrChris-Rose relationship was more paternal.

sula said...

lisabea, I do intend to get Langley and Ward on my list. And I'll look forward to our next edition of MLM. Gosh, it is almost enough to make Mondays bearable!

katiebabs, I won't kill ya. In fact, they even make jokes about his ears in some of the episodes. But I'm telling you, he's intense. Manic, almost. Funny as hell. I think you'd enjoy the show. And you DO have BBC...

hey Susan, thanks for the recommendations. I have seen Elizabeth but not the other. Yet more fodder for the netflix. I wish the Jude movie hadn't been so damned depressing because I wanted to like him in that. But the movie pissed me off.

tumperkin, I dunno. I think Rose and the CE Doctor were already in love and didn't know it. That finale when they kiss and all of the light is pouring out of, that was seriously romantic, imo. And then when he changes into Tennant, their relationship evolves with it. She gets to know him all over again, in a way. It definitely killed me, that last episode she was in. The scene on the beach? omg, sob!

Devon said...

I think Christopher Eccleston is hot. He shouldn't be, but he's got great intensity. Have you seen "Jude" with him and Kate Winslet?

Did you see 'Rose' in Mansfield Park on PBS? I thought she was pretty wretched and I'm like, "Oh God, that chick with the big teeth and crazy hair was bad. Where'd they find her?" That's how I found out she was on Dr. Who and a pop star too boot.

sula said...

hey devon, yes I did see Chris Eccleston in Jude. But like I said above, I kinda hated that movie. Too depressing. Still, I wish he had more lead roles and wasn't always cast as the bad guy. He's got a very sexy vibe to him. As for Rose, I like her a lot. Dunno if the role in Mansfield Park was really that suited to her though. I prefer her talking and being a smart-ass not quiet and demure.