Monday, February 9, 2009

MLM - Gobsmacked!

The past few weeks have seen me slide into more and more blog neglect as work and school obligations intensify. I feel guilty and keep thinking I ought to post more but then I open up the blank page and get writers block. Sux. But here's something very noteworthy which is not only easy to blog about but FUN!

As you may or may not know, my pal lisabea has been busy scribbling great m/m stories in addition to maintaining her outrageously entertaining blog Nose In A Book. And just last week her first story was released!

First of all, check out the cover...

Tasty, no? Makes you wanna see more. Here's a brief synopsis...

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Mild mannered Mark Meehan’s good judgment flies out the window when he finds his lover banging another man. Things go from bad to worse as Mark’s crazy revenge scheme uncovers shocking secrets—sending him straight into the arms of hunky lawman and old friend, Tony Gervase, a man of limited patience and secrets of his own.

Hunky lawmen? Crazy revenge and no more Mr. Nice Guy? Oh yeah, I'm so there. Without giving away the whole plot, let me just assure you that there is gonna be witty fun and hawt smex all rolled up into one tasty treat of a story. You know you wanna read it. So surf your way on over to Aspen Press and get your copy today.

Happy ManLove Monday and Congratulations ms. bea!!!


lisabea said...

i'm in the airport and i'm ever thankful for this little palm phone.....and my partner/supporter/friend sula. mwah!

my eye is still twitching. time to go back east and work.

thanks s. missin' you.

sula said...

I miss you too, dammit!!! we need haz aim.

stoopid homework is no match for teh mlm. *g*

have a good flight(s) and get some rest.

Rosie said...

Reading your post I was thinking of Leeeesa and her eye twitch and then go to comments. Ta-dah!

We loves ya LB!

kc said...

It sounds like a good book! I'm going to get it.

Glad to see you updating - have missed your updates! :)

Some day we're going to get together and swap books and drink coffee....

Tracy said...

This book is so wonderful! I just loved it and can't say enough good stuff about it!

And Sula I completely understand your writers block! Been there, honey...done that. :) It'll get better, I'm sure. Deep breaths

Renee said...

Reading Gobsmacked now, and loving it! :-)

Glad to see you posting!

Judah Raine said...

Hey there - so sorry for coming in through the "back door" but I was looking for an email link. I'd love to chat re the possibility of reciprocal links and review? Please email me on if you're interested.
Many thanks,

Stalker v1.5 said...

My sister gave me this to read weeks ago and I have found myself "too busy." Well, too busy ends tonight. Thanks for the motivation!