Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The dress arrives!

K, so you may recall my post about trying on a 100 or so wedding dresses. After much review of the photos and advice-getting from friends (including some of you!), my mom, my fiance, co-workers, etc. I decided that I was quite partial to one of them.

My cousin who went on the dress expedition with me and who is going to be my best woman (maid of honor, whatever) is also getting married this year and was ALL OVER tracking down my dress for me. She found the exact same style and designer...THE dress...being sold on ebay for like half of what it would cost at a boutique. So after hemming and hawing and soul-searching, I finally took the plunge and bought it. And it arrived today! Here it is nestling in the box.

And as much as I want to try it on, I think I'm gonna wait until either DF or my cousin are here and can help me with it. I'm too scared to screw it up or to get it dirty or rip something while trying to get it over my head or something. heh. So for now it is hanging in the spare room closet.

yay! Now I just have to take it in to the local bridal place and they will do any alterations I need. I'm quite amused by the way our engagement and wedding plans have been done on the cheap and online. Ring, dress...all those pricey things. I am so NOT embarrassed to admit it either. It's a new world and why should I pay more than I have to?


little alys said...

It's gorgeous!!! Remember to take pictures again. Want more pics! This is so exciting. *hugs*

Wendy said...

You shouldn't be embarrassed! It's shameful how much wedding dresses cost. Seriously, you wear the damn thing ONCE - and then you either sell it or pack it away in a box forever.

Although, I would seriously consider wearing that dress more often. It's beeoootiful! Maybe you should consider wearing it around town? You know, taking your car to get washed, doing the grocery shopping, going out to the movies....LOL

lisabea said...

Wendy~ I AGREE. Also she can have it shortened and wear it out on her first anniversary. Heh.

Sula I absolutely love that dress. And I'm hoping that BigGirl and LittleGirl think about cost when they ever get married. Ai yi yi. You're a smartie. I've always said.

Jill Sorenson said...

Smart and beautiful!

My wedding gown was actually a prom dress: white, strapless, floor-length--and much less expensive.


Shannon said...

Oh, hon, it is absolutely beautiful. Good for you!

JenB said...

Gorgeous! I love it. :)

Hey, there's nothing embarrassing about saving money. I had a budget wedding myself and it turned out perfect. Good luck with your planning!

BTW Costco and Sam's Club have amazing prices on bulk fresh flowers. ;)

Bridget Locke said...

Go, Sula! I'm glad you were able to find it on the cheap. My SIL found her dress at David's Bridal. It was originally almost $800 and she got it for $150 after alterations. Me? Heck, if I ever get married (which will be a miracle), I'll be happy to wear a tarp. *snicker*

And weddings on the cheap rock. My brother and SIL's wedding was about $3000 w/ everything including flowers, the cake, etc. They're the original bargain hunters. :D

Rosie said...

I'm another big fan of this dress. Ya done good!

Renee said...

Your dress is so beautiful! I love the fitted bodice, and the color is so pretty.

My dress was made by my friend's mom (who was a seamstress.) We bought a pattern (that matched a design I loved in a bridal mag), I picked the material. I sewed the pearls on the bodice, myself. It was done for under $250.

The dress was very special to me, but even better was that since I didn't spend buckets of money on it, we could have more friends come to the reception. :-)

Kristie (J) said...

I really loved that one!! Your plans are coming along nicely aren't they?

Carolyn Jean said...

ooooh! So pretty! Great choice!! I am SO glad you are supplying pictures. Keep them coming!

On cheap weddings, my dress was a vintage ball gown for like 35 bucks. Our wedding was in a park, reception at a pal's house. Super cheap!! But, it was almost too cheap. We didn't include many people, and we have no good photos. Sounds like you're doing it just right.

Aymless said...

It's beautiful! And I'm with Wendy as well. It's too pretty not to wear again!

Tracy said...

Oh that was one of my favorites of the bunch! Congrats and woohoo!! it's a gorgeous dress!!!

sula said...

You all are so sweet. heh.

alys, I have some more pics! Will be posted shortly.

wendy, I wish I knew why we can't rent wedding dresses like men rent tuxes. The whole 'wear it for one day' thing is a big scam. pfft.

lb, you could take up sewing as another hobby...maybe by the time BG or LG are ready to tie the knot, you can make their dresses!!! no? ;)

jill, a prom dress is a great idea. I tried on some as well as bridesmaid dresses in cream/ivory. If I'd found the right fit and style, I would have been happy to go that route. MUCH more cost effective. I think the word "bridal" is a license to jack up the price. lol.

shannon, thanks! It makes me feel pretty. heh.

jenb, I made a point to renew my costco membership this year just because of the wedding. Savings FTW!

Bridget, that's an awesome bargain. It feels gooooood to save. I'm hoping we can bring in the whole event for 2k or less. (preferably less!)

roooooosie, merci! my mom is proud of me too. woot!

renee, I wish wish that I knew someone who was talented with the sewing skilz. that must have been awesome to get a personalized dress made just for you. And yes, the goal is to have more friends at the wedding, not more bling.

kristie, I think this is the only thing that I've accomplished so far. I need to get out my little wedding planning book to see what I'm "supposed" to be doing now. lolol. Well, at least I know where we're holding it and when. That's a start.

CJ, I wanted to find a vintage gown but there is slim pickin's out here in the small town where i live. I probably could have gone to DC, but am toooo lazy. Small is nice tho, personal. Was it in the Cities? You could have had it by the big cherry and spoon! lol.

aymless, I wonder if I can get away with wearing it to a formal dinner party. *snort* Or maybe just around the house for fun. at least it is not white...makes it more versatile, right?

tracy, thanks! It seemed to be a clear favorite among almost everyone that I showed the pictures of my options to. Which makes me think I made a good choice. yay!

Stacy~ said...

Sula, I just love the dress! And I think you're smart for not spending a ton of money. That's ridiculous. Sounds like you're going to have a custom-made wedding that's just right for you! Can't wait to see more pics :)