Sunday, December 21, 2008

100 dresses later...

ok, so maybe it was more like 30 dresses, but anyways. Time for more random updates...

The wedding dress trying-on spree went very well. My cousin and I were able to narrow down which styles and cuts look good on me. Some of my favorites can be seen by clicking here and here and here and here and here. Your input, feedback, etc. is of course appreciated. Funny enough, I sent my mom pictures of about 30 or 40 dresses and the ones she picked as her favs were exactly the same as my favs. And my cousin's. And lisabea's! (woot!) So I guess that means my instincts are pretty good. hopefully. Now the great ebay search begins.

I'm officially on Christmas holiday aka time off work. I had hoped to take some half days off last week (particularly Friday afternoon) in order to use up some vacation days that I'd accumulated before they go away at the end of the year. Unfortunately, there were some crises that came up which only I could negotiate and I ended up spending my entire day scrambling around the office fighting fires. So much for that. pfft. Which left me feeling very grumpy and rather non-holiday-spirit-ish.

Bookwise, I'm halfway through Broken Wing. It's easy to read and while not ground breaking, a nice solid romance. It's nice to curl up with a book during the holidays and I'm glad I saved this one for that purpose. Very cozy. heh.

In major news, DF and I have put down a deposit on an apartment. Hope to move in around the first of the new year. If you've been around my blog for long you've probably read my ranting and whining at my roommate situation. I'm just getting too old to have to live with college kids and clean up after them. Anyways, we're really excited about the new place. It's in an apartment community that is not of the cookie-cutter modern variety. Mainly older and retired folks. Our apartment will be in a historic building, wood floors, big windows, closed-up fireplaces. Oh and radiator heaters!!! Best of all, it's within about a minute walk from the library and historic walking mall. The library is literally around the corner. And what a gorgeous building it is (as seen in photo here). I'm very excited to be able to just drop in any time and pick up books, CDs, videos and whatnot.

So that's what's going on in sulaland. Hope everyone is having a relatively low-stress holiday season. Now I'm off to go cook up an African meal for DF and one of our friends from Ghana. Tis the season and all that.


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I like the first one best, but you love gorgeous in all of them!
Have you picked a date yet?

Angela James said...

I like the second and last one, I'm not sure which I like best. You looked awesome in all of them, though, so I don't think it matters!

Anonymous said...

Well...this'll be no help at all, but I like the 3rd one best..! Whatever you decide, make every moment of this fabulous time in your life count, remember every step, and don't let anyone (family or otherwise) rain on your parade!!

Tracy said...

Oh the last one with the corset top was my absolute fav with the first one coming in second. You looked beautiful in all of them though.

Congrats on the new apartment. I'm extremely jealous that you'll be so close to the library! lol Oh, and the apt. sounds nice too. haha

Christine said...

You look stunning in all the gowns, but the first one totally won my heart!

Congrats on the new apartment... it sounds wonderful. I LOVE radiator heat, too!

nath said...

Congrats on the engagement and new apartment!!

I personally like the third the best :D it'd be even better if the middle part could be a different color though.

Bridget Locke said...

I like the first and last. In both you look comfortable. Just remember (and I'm saying this from friends experiences, not mine) that if you plan on doing a lot of dancing, to make sure that any strapless gowns you choose are tight enough that you don't have any slippage. A friend of mine had that. It was bad. :(

I'm glad you had fun though. It's such a big deal for so many women that they tend to forget it's supposed to be FUN! Remember's supposed to be FUN! :)

Carrie Lofty said...

I agree with those saying #1 and #5. Gorgeous! You look like a fairy tale bride. Good luck with making a choice :)

Stacy~ said...

You look great in all of them, but the first one is my favorite. It's just a more romantic dress without being over the top. Does any of them just "feel" right? If so, then that's the one you choose.

Oh this is so exciting!

Kerry said...

You do look gorgeous in all of them! I love the third one and the last one. You will be a beautiful bride. :)

Congrats on the apartment--I love that area! It's so neat to live so close to everything. Much more character than out in the 'burbs....

Kristie (J) said...

You look beautiful in all of them, but I like either the first one or the last one the best with the first winning out just a tiny bit. I love the little sleeves and the edging.
And the apartment sounds GREAT!

sula said...

kb, we have picked an exact date but it looks like it will be in September. Potentially the 12th. Still trying to work out schedules of people involved (such as my parents who have to travel from England, etc.)

angela, thanks and I hope that whichever one I'm able to snag, it will look nice. How to choose only one!!!

anon, thanks for the input and I'll do my best to make every moment count.

tracy, I can't wait to move! And I feel like a kid living next to a candy store. I could walk to the library every single day if I wanted!!!

nath, thanks for the input and the congrats. I agree that the color of the waist portion of that gown would probably be better in a different color. Probably the same hue as the rest of the gown.

Bridget, I will definitely be doing a lot of fittings to get it right. The good (bad?) news is that when I lost all that weight last year, I lost a lot of it up top. So not much to spill out. LOL. Plus, these bodices are pretty stiff and tight. heh.

carrie, I must say that trying on all those gowns made me feel a bit like a princess. so much for the simple, understated dress I "thought" I wanted. hah.

stacy, I like the romance quotient on that first one too. Actually, there was a big ol' cloth rose on the skirt (where it gathers) that I had them take off. Still, it has a very old world feel, doesn't it? I have to admit that almost all of the ones that I posted felt like they could be "it". Most likely "it" will end up being the one that I can find at an affordable price. lol.

kerry, I'm really happy to be moving out of the burbs and into the part of town with some character. Not to mention all the great places I can walk to! We still have to have our coffee me. *g*

kristie, thank you and those are my two favs as well. I didn't think I'd like a full skirt but once I tried some on, I was all like...ohhh, I feel like a heroine in a romance novel. hehehe.

The last one with the boned bodice and the skirt with pickups is probably my favorite. My cousin is helping me hunt the internets and we've actually seen the exact same one (designer and style number) on ebay for a price I think I can swing. Just gotta make the choice and spend the $$. *gulp*

lisabea said...

1 & 5 still..but whichever you choose, you'll look lovely.

Pahtnah you have the best curls!! :)

Sarai said...

I know I am late but I with LB 1 & 5 are my favorite and needless to say CONGRATS. My god I dropped off the planet and missed a major thing. I'm glad to hear it and wish you the best with your wedding supply search!!!

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