Monday, December 8, 2008

MLM - wedding edition

Since weddings are very much on my mind now, this short clip seemed apropos. Specially for a Monday. Yay love!


lisabea said...

Iz like two CT Episcopalian can do that here!

Hey Pahtnah! Happy MLM!

sula said...

I know! I was gonna say...must be those CT Episcopals. Women as priests and marrying gheys. social order overturned!

Actually, this is from Sweden. Which is pretty much the same thing, right? ;)

Tracy said...

Gotta be Episcopalians! :) Loved the vid Sula!

Renee said...

I gotta cheer root for my peeps! My (Episcopal) church performed over 40 same-sex weddings the week before our California election. I was never so proud as when our rector announced that during his sermon. (of course, it was tempered by the disappointmen of the outcome of the Prop 8 vote.)

They'll continue to do same-sex "unions" while the fight continues in Cali.

Thanks for the happy vid!

sula said...

hey tracy, glad you liked it. I think it is very sweet.

renee, that's awesome about your church. too bad about prop 8, but i am very hopeful that it is only a matter of time. as I tell people, 40-odd years ago it would have been illegal and "unnatural" for me to marry MY fiance.