Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In which I buy out the store

I got a call from my local Borders today telling me that my order of Broken Wing had arrived. That was quick! I only placed the request on Monday. woot! (hey, Kristie I finally got it!) I had some Borders Bucks to blow, and I figured that I could pick up this book as well as copies of Carrie Lofty's new release at the same time.

Lo and behold, this time when I went to the Romance section, right smack in the L's (somewhere after Stephanie Laurens and before Julia London), snuggled two copies of What a Scoundrel Wants. So I bought them both. The entire stock. heh. So as far as Borders is concerned, this new book is so hot that it is flying off the shelves one day after release. Must stock up! (At least I hope that's how the statistics will look). Anyways, I now have one print copy for me (I have the e-book but there's nothing like paper) and a copy for one lucky reader in this week's giveaway. If you haven't already entered your suggestion for fun things to do under $4 and a chance to win, you still have a little time. Go for it!

After snagging my loot, I hunted down a section of the store I had hitherto never set foot in. The wedding planners/organizers. Oh dear. I grabbed a stack of them and went to the coffee shop area to peruse and compare. First of all, it's amazing to me how much money the "typical" wedding costs. S'rsly? Half of the stuff that is on the list seems extravagant and wasteful to me. We're going to be doing this very much on the cheap. I didn't buy any of the books; I really just wanted to get an idea of what kind of a book I might want to find online (for cheap...see, I'm already working on a budget!).

Anyways, overall a very productive trip. Now I want to curl up with my copy of WASW and pick up where I left on in the e-book.


lisabea said...

Which EBOOK are you reading, friend?

I do that, too. I bought a few copies of DOPK and distributed them. ::cough::

Stacy~ said...

I hope you like Broken Wing. I sure did. That Kristie is something *g* And I must get WASW too.

Stacy~ said...

Oh, and congrats on your engagement! How awesome :) I hope you take the time and enjoy planning the wedding. I'm thrilled for you :)

sula said...

*ahem* About that book, lb... lol. Actually, I didn't end up reading anything e or otherwise. Someone kept me up chatting till pretty late. ;)

stacy, I am looking forward to Broken Wing. I like those historical epic books. And yes, WASW is a must. Very well written and exciting. And hot too. woot! Thanks for the congrats. I'm simultaneously overwhelmed at the prospect of planning a wedding and excited for the opportunity to throw a fun little event. heh.

Tracy said...

I love Borders Bucks. *sigh*

Haven't read Broken Wing yet but I'm sure I will soon.

Kerry said...

Hi Sula - congratulations on your engagement! Isn't the wedding section of Borders nuts?!

I am trying to email you but it bounces...can you let me know how I can get in touch with you? Thank you!


Carolyn Jean said...

How cool to see our peeps' books in stores like that. I love that.

sula said...

tracy, i wish i had more borders bucks to spend already. lol. as for broken wing, i am saving it for post-finals and papers which are due this week. it will be my epic holiday break read. or one of the many.

kerry, thanks for the congrats! nice to see you back at the blog. my email is sulawesigirl4 at yahoo dot com. drop me a line.

CJ, I was at the Borders earlier in the week with some friends and was all like "yeah, i'm looking for MY FRIEND'S BOOK" all casual like. heh.

Kristie (J) said...

Yikes!!! I've really been out of the loop!! To much dancing me thinks!!
Anyway - I hope you like Broken Wing as much as I did - or even if it's half as much as I did, you are going to love it!

And Squeeeaaallll number two for your earlier news!!!