Wednesday, December 17, 2008

obligatory update

ack, poor wee blog. how i neglect thee.

Is everyone else full into the holiday swing of things? I've been at a few rounds of parties (coworkers, etc.) which is nice but has had the unfortunate side effect of bumping the scale up more than I would like. Back to the WW tracking thing. Gotta do it. But I had almost forgotten how many g-d points cheesecake is. le sigh.

I've been taking random days and half-days off work in order to use up my accrued vacation days before they vaporize upon the dawn of a new year. Tomorrow, I'm skipping to go try on wedding dresses. Yup. And so it begins. lol. My cousin is going to go with me which is good because I have no clue about this stuff. She's getting married in May and has already navigated the waters of "wedding dress shopping". Quite frankly, I wish we could do what men do and rent the damned things. Why shell out $$$ for a dress I will wear once? pfft. Anyways, tomorrow's expedition is intended to be an exploratory "what kind of style looks good on me and what kind should I avoid" trip. If I find the perfect style, I may just order it online from a Chinese vendor. (no really...I just might. lol)

In book news, I finished Adrien! I had had to put it down for a bit because Jake was making me twitchy. But I'm happy to say that although things were heavy, it turned out satisfactorily in the end. Um, the VERY end. Last page. Actually, last few sentences. Josh makes you work for it, dammit! Perhaps when I get over my lazy ennui, I will attempt something more structured in the way of a review.

But for now, I'm going back to curling up on the couch with DF (oh lookee, new acronym for new status of fiance) and watching movies.


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

My sister's wedding is less than a month away and the first dress she tried on was the one she wanted. So, I wish you the best of luck and have ball!
DF!! :D

lisabea said...

I read that bit about renting the dress aloud to BigGirl who CRACKED up. Heh.

Tracy said...

Just think of the dress like this: You can have it sealed up and your daughter can use it. Ok, maybe that won't work but my sister used my grandmothers gown for her wedding so it DOES happen.

Have fun trying them all on.

So glad you liked DOAPK. It so rocked.

Renee said...

*sigh* Love Adrien, and even Jake has come along. Do you heart Jake now?

Have fun dress shopping! It's definitely worth trying on different styles to see what works for you, the first time out. When I tried on my first choice of style (back in the dark ages. lol), it looked awful! I was much happier once I found something that I could be comfortable and look good in.

lbgregg said...

Sula and Jake? That would be a Christmas miracle!

sula said...

so, a long day of trying on dresses yesterday but it went well. I think we hit on some good cuts and looks for me. And indeed, I have learned that some of what I "thought" would or would not look good on me was quite the opposite. lol.

kb, thank you for the Xmas card!!! I got it the other day. u iz so sweet. *g*

lb, I'm glad to provide some levity at the lb household. heh. and thx for the feedback. iz gud.

tracy, i think that i'm more the type that will try to sell my dress as soon as the event is over and rake in some extra $$. lol. besides, we plan to live in africa and relocate frequently so i can't see carting a delicate dress around. daughter will have to fend for self!

renee, you were right about the trial and error. You never know until you see it on you. As for Jake...idk. I'm happier but still long for vengeance. I'm evil that way.

lbg, perhaps the ghost of christmas future?

Giselle said...

Oh I love weddings! Keep us updated on the prep. I swear I must have been a wedding planner in my previous life. Oh and BTW my wedding dress that I swore would be saved in pristine condition for my daughter has been hanging crookedly and gathering dust in my closet for eight years. So renting doesn't sound too bad right about now :)