Monday, November 12, 2007

library haul

So after the amazing high I got from reading Caine's Reckoning, I suppose I should not be surprised that the next few books I tried to read were just...uninspiring. *sigh*

I got about halfway through Susan Krinard's Lord of the Beasts before I realized that I just didn't care. The hero with his fey abilities to talk to the animal kingdom was just a wee bit too precious for my tastes and the heroine was a self-righteous prig. At the halfway mark a secondary character who was also pursuing the heroine turned into a stereotypical eeeeevil bad guy. So I skimmed through the last half to make sure everything turned out as I knew it would and called it quits. Then I read a few chapters of Beverly Jenkins Wild Sweet Love which also failed to engage my interest (much to my chagrin because the cover was smokin' hot). I also got two chapters into The Affair by Sandy Hingston and had to restrain myself from throwing it against the wall. I don't consider myself a stickler for "historical accuracy", but the attitudes and dialogue were absolutely jarring even to my lax sensibilities.

I decided that a trip to the library might be in order and since the place I'm staying is close to a different branch of my library system, I had the chance to look over a new-to-me collection. After perusing the shelves, I picked a variety of books from different genres. Some of the authors I've read before, others I haven't.

Here's my stack:

Why I grabbed these?

The Irresistible MacRae - Karen Ranney
I totally loved Ranney's After the Kiss and also enjoyed To love a Scottish Lord. Although I've also read some clunkers (exhibit A: An Unlikely Governess), I wanted to see how this installment went. And it's been a while since I've read a good ol' hero-in-a-kilt tale. *g*

The Cobra and the Concubine - Bonnie Vanak
I've never read Vanak, but I do have a soft spot for stories set in Egypt. Also, I seem to recall Kristie(J) having some positive things to say about this author. So it's time I tried a book by her.

To love a Thief - Julie Anne Long
Read one of her spy books a while back, and while it wasn't without its flaws, I remembered it as being something of a fun caper. Can't hurt to try another one.

Master of the Moon - Angela Knight
I bought Master of the Night a few months ago after picking it up randomly and purchasing it at Borders. It's pretty rare for me to spend money impulsively on authors I don't know, but I was in one of those moods, so I indulged. The book was ok and relatively entertaining, but I swapped it out as soon as I finished it. When I read the back of Master of the Moon and realized it was King Llyr's story (he was a strong secondary character in MOTN), I snatched it up.

Kiss and Makeup - Allison Kent (Harlequin Blaze)
No real reason for getting this one, only that I'm trying to include more category books in my diet. Blaze seemed like a line that might work for me, the cover was neutral (no secret babies or sheiks) and a quick flip through convinced me that the author's writing was strong.

Bluestocking Bride - Elizabeth Thornton
Thornton's name shows up now and again in discussions over and AAR, so I picked this up on that basis. I'm a little leary because I did try one other book by her that was a DNF, but I'm willing to give her another try.

The Star King - Susan Grant
As I blogged about last week, I read my first book by Grant and wasn't all that impressed. But I promised her to give her work another shot. This book was on the library shelf, so now it's on my bedside table. After getting halfway through it last night, I am happy to report that it's very entertaining and definitely working much better for me than my previous foray. Here's hoping it finishes as strongly. *g*

So there's my reading list for the next week. If anyone has further suggestions, I'm always happy to hear them. One never knows what treasure lurk within the local library. :-)


Dev said...

Great haul! So, it's only going to take a week to read those, hm? Wow, wish I could do that. I'm luck if I can get through 2 books a week now.

lisabea said...


I'm having the same problem! I cannot for love or money (well, maybe for money) get into this Loretta Chase. CRAP. It's driving me crazy because I know I would have like it, but now I'm expecting too much. sigh. I'm going to reread The Raven Prince. That always puts me in the mood.

It's Sarah's fault. Maybe I should pick up something from her back list. Thoughts?

sula said...

dev, I think it would normally take me a little longer too but for the housesitting gig in which I have no internet and therefore spend my time reading. Also, I read really fast and should probably learn how to slow down and enjoy the roses (smell them or something I guess. lol) Actually, I got these books on Sunday afternoon and I've finished two and am halfway through the third.

lisabea, I say we blame Sarah and make her write us more books. Faster, Sarah, work faster!!! ;-) Have you read the Promises books? Asa is one hot loverboy, definitely worth spending some time with.

Raven Prince is a good idea. I'm also tempted to go back and do some rereads of old classic standbys. But then I think of all the new-to-me books waiting to be read and I feel guilty. :/

Kristie (J) said...

Well -- a hearty thumbs up to The Cobra and the Concubine of course - I'm looking forward to what you think of it. I also very much enjoyed The Star King. Her writing is very dissimilar in that one then what she has written lately. Another one I really recommend by her is Once A Pirate. Now I think this may sound strange - but really it's very very good. It's a time travel pirate book. And To Love a Thief was also pretty good

lisabea said...

I told Sarah that we'd been hit with the McCarty Curse. Heh.

katiebabs said...

What an excellent collection of books! Great week for books sales. I maybe going back to mine again for a second week.
Everyone is hopping on the McCarty bandwagon. Of course I knew about her years ago. *G*

Sarah McCarty said...

No wonder my ears were burning! * dodging the crack of the whips* I am writing as fast as I can, I swear. *G* I just saw Running Wild hit the Amazon pre-order page. I wasn't expecting it to be there so soon. And now I'm all anxious about it. *Rolling eyes at self* I structured it very differently from most single author anthologies. My editor loved it, but the acid test is if it works for the reader. Needles to say I'll be sweating come June.

But right now, I'm just so thrilled that you all enjoyed Caine and Desi to the degree you did.

katiebabs said...

June 20th is my birthday *hint hint*

Sarah McCarty said...

Hmm, I see from Amazon the release date is June 3 (in time for Lorie Foster's get together!) so that could work for you.