Friday, April 11, 2008

at least it is friday

It's so pathetic when you have a blog and just have nothing of interest to be posted. Yes, that would be me. As you can see, I'm STILL working my way (slowly) through that book over there on the left. Vanquished by Hope Tarr. I don't know why it is taking me so long. I'm not a slow reader by any means. I think I'm just dragging my feet because the setup of the hero having been paid to destroy the heroine's public career as an advocate for women's rights (of course now that he knows her, he realizes he just can't do it!) is making me frustrated. It's the big secret, the big mis. The cloud hanging over the head of our couple's potential happiness. Even though I KNOW that all the barriers will be swept away by the last page and they will ride off into the sunset, I find that I really don't relish the process of getting there. Ugh. I'm an avoider.

I did read a hot m/m book the other day though, so apparently it's not my reading skilz that are lacking. Master of Obsidian by Jamie Craig. Assuming I can get my act together, there may be a review ready for Monday. I have mixed feelings about the book, so the review has been hard to write.

Here's some random mantitty to liven this entry up. Wish this dude was upstairs right now making my breakfast.

In other places around the blogosphere, I keep getting myself into trouble for being the lone non-Lara Adrian fan. lol. I should probably just keep my fat yap shut. Thing is, I really WANTED to like the Adrian books. I was totally psyched to read them, to find a fresh new series that I could glom. I'm a reader. I want to read books and I want to have a supply of good books available for my avid consumption. So when I do read a story that has such high recommendations, particularly when it's been so favorably compared to another author's work that I like, I wanna enjoy the book!! And when it fails to interest me, it makes me wonder what is wrong with me for missing what everyone else seems to get. Adrian may be a better writer in terms of technical skills, but I never felt emotionally connected to her characters. It's like my head could appreciate what I was reading but my heart was completely uninvolved. Ward on the other hand...hell, we all can point out the faults of the BDB writing style. Extraneous h's, stoopid bad guys, omg,she killed kenny...the list is as long as my list of blogs to visit on the sidebar. BUT. I love those books and I feel intimately connected with the characters. To me, that is why I read. Not to dispassionately reflect over a well-written book and say aha, yes, it is so well-written. But to lose myself in a world, in a story, and to truly believe that what happens to these made-up characters MATTERS. So yeah, in discussions about Ward vs. Adrian, it's Ward hands down for me. Quite possibly I am showing my lack of sophisticated reading chops. Then again, I probably never had them in the first place. Um, end of rant. Hey cool, it's my blog and I can say what I want!

And yay, my internet service is working again after being completely and weirdly on the fritz last night. I spent over an hour on the phone with a nice service representative in Louisiana who still couldn't resolve the issue but was really cool to talk to. This morning I wake up and voila, it's back on. Praise teh internets goddess!


Katie(babs) said...

Ohhhh lovely picture to bring us into the weekend! *G*
I am truly not an Adrian fan. I tried with her first book and really felt it was a bad attempt at trying to be Ward. But, she does have a fan base and more power to her because I know under her other name, Tina St. John, she wrote lovely historical romances and was dicked over.
I admit it, I am a Ward girl all the way. GIVE ME REHV!! :)

kim said...

Boxer briefs! Aren't they the BEST!
I like both Ward and Adrian. The thing I like most about Adrian's world is its simplicity. None of this changing the rulz midway into the series *Coughscribevirgincough*, and I like that Adrians heroine's have a purpose and can help the heros with their speshul skillz. But I like the emotion of both series and that is what keeps me coming back.
I was wondering about that book on your side bar. The cover is awesome at least.
Have a great Friday Sula and thanks for the briefs!

lisabea said...

Omg. She killed kenny...


sula said...

kate, well at least i'm not the only crazy person out here in the wilderness. lol. Glad you liked the boy. He's purty, no?

kim, it's cool that you can read and dig both series. honestly, i wish i could. i keep feeling like some sort of a moron for not seeing what everyone else does in Adrian's writing. I do appreciate the heroines' more active role (speshul skilz rule!) but on the flipside I hate that the women are called breedmates and that they aren't even vampires. :( But anyways. Boxerbriefs...the best of both worlds. heh. mmmmm.

lb, i'm glad you got my joke. and i've never even watched an episode of southpark, how sad is that?

Tumperkin said...

Yeah I know what you mean. There's a couple of very big authors that I'm just *meh* about. Authors that other people just ADORE.

I think of it as author-reader chemistry; whatever it is that tips a B-read into an A-read.