Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm here

Yeah, I'm still alive. After the excitement that was duel/dual reviewing with ms. lisabea, I was plumb tuckered out and too tired to blog. And since Tuesday I have been housesitting at a very nice place with a lovely view but with no internet. No internet you say? Sula, how do you do it? Funny you asked...apparently there are these marvelous inventions known as the book and the television. Also the boyfriend. All of which kept me suitably entertained.

I came home today to find not one but TWO copies of Pamela Clare's Surrender in my mail. I had ordered it from PBS and the first sender forgot to mark things correctly in the system, so I got an extra copy. So I'm giving it away. Put a note in the comments and I'll pick one lucky reader later this week. Why do you want to read this book? I haven't read it yet (obviously) but KristieJ has and she says it's good. And she has good taste in historicals. Oh and it's set in America during the French and Indian War. Did you know that historicals could be based in a time and place other than Regency England? Yeah, I know, that surprised me too. heh.

Last night I watched a plethora of Robin Hood episdoes on BBCA. Since stupid Comcast took away my BBC a few months back, I have been lacking in Torchwood, new Who and RH goodness. The housesitting gig did at least provide me with BBC-ness and I did enjoy it. I'm still agog that Marian would consider spindly boy-wonder Robin over the much hotter, deliciously bad Sir Guy. Richard Armitage is so smoldery and hawt, that I kept yelling at the television set in disgust when she'd blow him off. Am I shallow? Yes, maybe. But c'mon. We all know that reformed rakes make the best heros.

What else has been going on...

I finally finished Vanquished by Hope Tarr, but I'm not feeling all that inspired to write a review. Considering that I put the book down for long periods of time and on multiple occasions, I think it is safe to say that it just didn't do much for me. A shame, but there you have it. I also read An Irresistible Bachelor by Jessica Bird (aka JR Ward). Which also was ho-hum. I picked up Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas but have not had the guts to read it yet. From everything I've read about the book, it feels like something I "ought" to read but I don't yet have the courage to slog through a book in which the h/h have been suffering from major Big Mis for 10-odd years. I hate the Big Mis and I hate married couples who have been separated and said and done mean bad things to one another. Wahhhhh. *whine*

Oh here is one book that I did read (a week ago) and really loved. Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan. Thank you azteclady! Thanks to your review over at karen's, I got this book and I really really enjoyed it. Although the hotness quotient leaves something to be desired (soooo subtle, teh sexxoring is barely even there, *pout*), the world building was excellent and the characters felt very real. I was totally sucked in and could barely put it down. Can't wait to read the next one and the next after that. woot!

And finally, some really good news. It appears that I will be in SF for a work-related seminar in late July and the dates just happen to overlap the upcoming RWA shindig. Which means that I may be able to meet some of my awesome blogging buddies live and in person! How cool is that? I'm really excited! And just tickled about the great date/city coincidence. I'm not sure if SF is prepared for us. heh.


Katie(babs) said...


*Kate needs to start on those buttons*

lisabea said...

Happy to see Miss Sula back on teh intertubes. Yay! And a give away. Woot.

Katie(babs) are you making buttons for the N&S crowd?

Katie(babs) said...

Yes, N&S buttons along with MLM buttons. Maybe I should have my own table on Weds night :)

sula said...

kate, you are the button queen! It's like that scene from Office Space (such a great movie) with the flair! *g*

lb, nice to be back. although i have a feeling what with classes starting up again this week (groan!) it may be a short-lived comeback.

Now to figure out my flight plan. I am so torn between flying into Oakland or SF. Have found direct flights of similar price to both. Jetblue looks a little more comfy (read, free food) than Virgin America. Decisions, decision....

Katie(babs) said...

Sula, you can borrow my stapler any day :D. And there will always be a piece of cake waiting for you.

Stacy~ said...

Is season 2 on DVD yet? I need to catch up on Richard and all his hot badness.

So far I plan on going to SF, provided my pal Beth can still go. Hope so - I'd love to meet ya :)

sula said...

kb, are you sure you can part with the stapler? heh. oh btw, your email addy is being weird today. I got a bounce-back. grr.

stacy, I don't think season 2 is on DVD yet. At least, if it is, netflix doesn't have it yet. oh man oh man, was richard ever hot!?! Growling at Marian (faithless wench that she is) and generally being all stormy and tortured. yum.

Hope you make it to SF! We shall all have such fun. *g* Too bad for me, I will be leaving just about when the convention starts, but there are a few days of overlap. I'll take what I can get. heh.

Sarai said...

I sadly enough missed out on the the whole Robin HOod thing but I have managed to catch up with Netflix (which by and by is my hero) And I am doing Dr. Who marathon with them as well ;0)

Sarai said...

On a side note with an interruption: Well b/c I am slow at reading comments I just figured out that I am the only one not going to SF this year... I wonder if I can bum a way there man this sucks I want to go *pouting* So not fair...
Interruption over.

Katie(babs) said...

STACY!! Please come :) We will all rock the RWA Con. :)
Sula, your email no love me anymore. Why are they trying to seperate us?!?!

azteclady said...

I'm so glad you liked Warprize! I agree that the sexxxx0ring is on the subtle side, but there's a lot of goodness overall, no?

But if it's hot you want, check out Ann Bruce's Rules of Engagement.

sula said...

sarai, isn't netflix the best? And omg, how awesome that you are catching up on Dr. Who. I have me a major crush on that man (both of them, the Eccleston and the Tennant versions). And yes, you need to finagle a way to SF. I'm not going for RWA, but the dates happen to be convenient with a work thingy. Can you find a work reason to get to SF? heh.

kb, the emails...they want to keep us apart. mebbe yahoo and aol are not friends anymore? hmph.

azteclady, I was really happy with Warprize. And it's thanks to you I even got it. I don't mind first-person narrative and I think it was done really well here. The world Vaughan built was very interesting and I was totally caught up in it. I can forgive the tepid sexxoring for the good characters. lord knows, I've read enough books in which the reverse is true. lol. I thought the ideas of cross-cultural adjustment and linguistic misunderstandings were well done. I know you mentioned in your review that you could relate, and as someone who's lived abroad frequently (and who is in a multi-ethnic/tri-lingual/multi-cultural relationship), I was fascinated by this angle of the story. Best moment for me? When the real meaning of "Warprize" is discovered. ha!

Will have to check out this other book of which you speak...

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, I have to check out this warprize review. Azteclady, am I the last to know you review books over at Karens? A blog I sort of don't know.

Anyway, SULA, color me green with jealousy on the SF thing. SARAI, I, too, will not be there. Unless something amazing happens in my life.

Sula: also, on PA, hey, if you are not up for that story you described on the separated husband wife and big mis, you should backburner this book.

Anonymous said...

I've had Warprize on my Wish List for so long it's now almost at the bottom. I don't even remember what it was about. If I don't buy a book soon after I put it on the WL I tend to move on to new plot devices or time periods. I'll give this one another check. And Pamela Clare, it's the same who wrote the recent and much-talked about UNLAWFUL? I'm not familiar with her. I didn't know she wrote histricals. French-Indian war, hm?? Now that sounds interesting. I remember (a little) hearing about this in my history classes in high school. Sigh. My wish list so doesn't need any more titles on it...

Mary M.

lisabea said...

CJ~Can't you wiggle a business trip and be there on Tuesday night? We're all going to shock G. Poor G. He's hoping for romance and I'm going to drag him out with the ladies. Then we'll have romance.

sula said...

CJ, definitely check out azteclady's review. She is quite the prolific one these days. hehe. And if you get a chance to read the book, I recommend it. Oh, and you NEED to figure out a way to be in SF.

As for PA, I think it's going on the shelf for a while. I have to be in a very specific mood to stomach Big Mis/Separation stories. And that's not the mood I'm in right now. But I feel guilty because I mean, I WANT to be in on what everyone else is reading. At least I did my part to encourage creative writing...I did purchase the book. No one said I had to read it. lol.

Mary, Warprize has a cool mix of times/places. It's clearly not meant to be a true-to-life historical but rather the world Vaughan has built feels a little like a cross between the middle ages, the native american tribes on the plains, the various warring tribes in europe during said middle ages...idk. It's really interesting. And it feels coherent (the world building) which is kinda rare, imo. And yes, Pamela Clare writes historical as well as contemps. Actually I have only read her historicals not being much of a contemp reader myself. :)

LB, i think G deserves some sort of an award. Best hubby evah! lol. Can't wait to toast mimosas with him.

Katie(babs) said...

If you have mimosas I am so there. OJ is optional.

azteclady said...

cj, the reviewing is a recent thing--and it's all lisabea's fault. ALL of it. Ask her. She started it.

Sula, the cultural thing is so well done! It rocks my socks, and yes, the true meaning of Warprize? Both laugh out loud funny and "holy shit! really?" moment. And I really liked the next two, with the last one being the second best, IMnotatallHO.

(Have you guys noticed how often the middle book tends to ... sag, a bit?)

Mary, the universe that EV creates is really cool in the sense that a lot of the details are easy to relate to--the horseback warriors, the nomadic culture, the medieval fortress, the religion(s)--yet with a unique enough twist to them to make them fantastic and engaging.

And while you gals rock the city by the bay, I'll sigh into my coffee... :pout:


lisabea said...

Azteclady~I have corrupted you? O'rly? Mwahahahahhaha. You're doing a bang up job over there, btw. It's just the drama keeps me from reading the other posts. There. I said it. Now everyone can hurl rox at me. Or coxpuppets.

Sula~He. Is. The. Best. He's going to be in agony while we squeal and laugh and carry on, but I'll make it up to him.

Ok. Now I'm thinking I need to read Warprize. There's a chick? Huh. Chicks. :)

azteclady said...

There's a chick, but is good.

And I could give a hint and say that there's a whiff of man love somewhere down the road...

but that would be spoilage and I don't do that *adjusting halo* Nope, I don't.

(plus it really is just a whiff, so I wouldn't want to get anyone's panties erm... twisted for nuthin')

sula said...

kb, they put OJ in mimosas? *blinks innocently*

az, (is it ok if I call you that?) I was so delighted with the cultural stuff. Really MADE the book for me. Oh and I thought I may have just detected a tiny hint of some potential manlove between two who shall remain nameless. And that was just in the first book. Does it get more obvious later? please please! *g* btw, why don't you start your own blog? I know you'd have a small cadre of loyal readers right here. Think about it. :)

lb, that G...he must be good people. heh. Btw, if you have time in your busy schedule to read Warprize, lemme know and I will send it your way.

k, lemme make sure I have my list of potential winners of the book giveaway straight:
Mary M

I'll be picking a name from a hat (or maybe from a bowl...I don't have a hat handy) a little later on and announce the winnah tomorrow. woot!

Katie(babs) said...

Sula, take me out of the running since Azteclady is going through withdrawl from not winning my contest. LOL

Mimosas.... the nectar of teh gods.

azteclady said...

*laughing out loud--fer realz*

katie(babs) you are priceless!

sula, please do--it's my informal nickname several places.

As for the blog :grin: thank you for your kind words, but I enjoy the freedom to blather about at other people's places. Keeping up a blog all by my lonesome? I'm not that organized nor that productive, frankly.

Spouting off randomly all over blogland? Perfect :wink:

sula said...

oh man, you mean in order to have a blog you gotta be productive and organized? what the hell am I doing????? lolol. Oh yeah, as you'll notice from the embarrassing lack of consistent blogging...I'm neither. heh.

oh well, I still say you oughta consider it. ;)

kb, you are still on the list. Six names...1 in 6 odds are pretty good, yes? Results to be posted tomorrow (see, that gives me another blog entry right there!) woot!

Sarai said...

CJ I have it You can drive down and pick me up in Kansas and then we will fly out from the airport and land in SF then one of the girlz can pickz us up and then shove us on the plane drunk and we can sober up on the way home yes? Have your people get in contact with my people and we will work this out ;0)

Kristie (J) said...

RICHard *sigh* Katie was telling me about a short documentary she watched on the character of Guy and I'm not sure what my response was. The numero uno one was total and absolute envy that she watched it and because I don't get it, I couldn't watch it *sobbing uncontrollably* And she gave so few details (you know you did Katie *g*)
Oh - and no need to enter me as I *cough* have this one - as well as all her other books too. I'll be waiting to see what you think of it. Hopefully good things!!