Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DIK...or what to save when the boat sinks

Greetings! So last night while having a crazy good time chatting with fellow blogger buddies, the talk turned to books (surprise!) and then to the concept of a DIK (Desert Island Keeper). What if we were stuck on an island and only had a few books on hand? How to choose a small but diverse library of books to pass around amongst ourselves and share?

After much spirited discussion, we decided the rules were as follows:
1. Everyone gets to bring six books (because there were six of us in the discussion...don't ask about the logic. lol)
2. No duplicating a book from someone else's list because we are all friends and will share our books. Besides this means more titles available to all of us.
3. Only books that are already in print (no ARCs or not-yet-published books).
4. Oh yeah, try to spread the love over different sub-genres.

So today, we six are doing a round robin blog hop of our six DIK lists of six. KristieJ started us off and now it is my turn.

1. Outlander - No surprise here. My favorite book(s) of all time. I still have the vivid memory of reading the first three in this series at age 16 and being completely and utterly transported to another world and being convinced that Jamie and Clare were in fact real people. When we first talked about only getting ONE book on the island, this would have been my choice.

2. Lover Eternal - One word...Rhage! K, so I know that Z is the one that everyone wants to heal and nurture but Rhage will always be my favorite brother. This was the first book I read in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and after all of the rest, it is still my favorite. I love how Rhage is utterly and completely head over heels for Mary, how the mere sound of her VOICE is enough to transfix him. The age-old fantasy of a perfect gorgeous man desiring and pursuing the plain woman (and she doesn't magically lose her glasses and discover she is a sekrit supermodel) really works for me. *sigh*

3. The Serpent Prince - I realize that this is a somewhat recent release and perhaps it is a little hasty to put it on a DIK list. However, I've already gone back and reread it several times. Which is something I rarely do and which tells me that it's in my library for the long haul. Simon is a great anti-hero, so tortured and yet so naive in the ways of the heart. Add the red shoes and the elegant and witty dialogue and I'm sold. Just thinking about it makes me want to read it again.

4. The Duke - This book by Gaelen Foley is part of a larger series, but it stands alone perfectly well by itself. Stuffy duke Robert gets his world turned upside down by his mistress Bel. The whole arranged mistress thing is certainly a common enough plot device in romance, but I think it was very well executed here. This is a book I go back to for a satisfying romantic read.

5. By Arrangement - If I'm on an island, I gotta have at least one awesome medieval. And this classic by Madeline Hunter is my pick. A complex hero (who is a cloth merchant and not a noble!) and a heroine who grows and matures from spoiled brat to strong and capable woman over the course of the book. Not to mention the excellent story telling that makes me feel like I'm right there in the rough and tumble of olde london.

6. Caine's Reckoning - Can't be stuck on an island without a Sarah McCarty book! It's tough to pick just one, but I think that this is the most well-rounded of her catalogue so far. It has all of the good stuff that I expect from her: strong, commanding hero who is emotionally nurturing, heroine that has no reason to trust men but who finds herself warming to this incredible guy, old west setting and oh yeah, uber-hot delicious sex scenes. mmm mmm good. Time for a reread!

Hey, lookee there...most of my list is historicals. lol. I guess that shows you what my bias is in romance reading. heh.

So what would make your list? Any book that you just can't live without? Any of mine that would make your list? Fav sub genre? Let's hear it!

Now head on over to lisabea's for the next list of six. That gal, she has a lot of DIK on her blog. ahem.


Katie(babs) said...

Lisa puts a new meaning in the word "DIK".
Great time last night :)
And of course if I was stuck on a desert island, I would be lucky to be surrounded by all you lovely ladies.

azteclady said...

I'm devouring these lists... perhaps I'll add some other titles, but I realize as I read that you guys have quite a few of my personal favorites covered :grin:

Christine said...

That was a fun chat. I heart AIM.

Sarai said...

LOL you ladies crack me up! I put the list on Lisabea's glad you guys thought of it! I would try to pack Richard Armitage along for comfort at night ;0)

lisabea said...

You know Sula, Mary is the best of all Ward's heroines, IMHO. I'm so glad that Rhage is on your list. And you have the photo of him to back up your weak-kneed lust for him, true?

Christine~We wait for news. And I love AIM too. Thanks for going to large print for your friend who cannot find her glasses. I should really buy some new ones...

Carolyn Jean said...

Sula, I think you make a good case for Lover Eternal. That voice thing really lives in my memory as just a fabulous scene. And who doesn't love a damaged and temporarily blinded hero? And then the restaurant...and then, and then. And OUTLANDER. Most pleasing.

The rest I will be SO excited to borrow.

Sarai said...

I'm seriously thinking about picking up Caine's Reckoning... Sarah's books sound very interesting(and not for her name alone although that holds her pretty high in my book)

Sarai said...

You know I am going to look really bad here but I Have never read Outlander? My friends have tried to get me to read it but *sigh* I never got passed page 1
Does that make me a bad person?

lisabea said...

You are horrrribllle.

I haven't read it either.

Sarai said...

LOL good to know I have excellent company when being bad!

sula said...

kb, awwww aren't you sweet. Honestly, if we were all on an island I think we would get very little reading done because we'd be so busy TALKING! lol.

az, I can't wait to see your additions. Give us a list! :)

christine, i also heart AIM. or really i just heart the ability to mix it up on teh internets with such fun folk.

sarai, Richard is DEFINITELY coming along with us. He can, um, read to us. yeah. and other stuff...*mumble mumble*

k, both of you non-Outlander readers need to get your act together. Only THE best book(s) EVAH! gah. Strong heroine, Scottish hero, action, adventure, romance, what's not to love? *g*

lb and cj, I am glad you agree with me on the rhage/mary thing. I really liked how 'normal' she was. Her speshul powers are...being herself. yay for that! And that scene in the restaurant, when he totally ignores the flirty hot waitress in favor of plain jane Mary...oh that was like a fantasy of mine. heh.

oh and sarai, you should read Caine. Is very good. Scorching hot and very emotional. Love me some Sarah McCarty.

Katie(babs) said...

Oh yes, we need a blender!!
Sorry, my pants are filled to capcacity.

Sarai said...

Um Katie my pants are filled with Richard *blushing* sorry ;0)

lisabea said...

Hey, maybe Sarah's kindle also works as a blender. Now THAT is a product I would buy.

Katie(babs) said...

Sarai's pants is where I will be fo sure.

Kristie (J) said...

Rhage is my favourite too. Well - I've only read two of the so far so I suppose I can't Really compare. But as I've only read his book once, it will be good to read it again. And By Arrangement is one of my favourite of her medievals too so I'll enjoy reading it again.
And yet again - The Serpent Prince was my fave of the three.
T'will be blissful!

MaryKate said...

Yay, Sula! We have to have some Rhage on the island. In fact, let's have LOTS of Rhage on the island! We can all share!

I literally read Caine's Reckoning on the plane on the way to California today. And blushed. Yowzer. How had I never read anything by Sarah McCarty before??? I'll be remedying that sitch posthaste!

sula said...

whew, long day at work and long night at school. i missed all of the pants excitement it would seem. people gettin in each other's pants? sounds pretty hot. lol. Can I get in RICHard's pants? heh.

kristie, I am glad to hear that you stuck with the best in Rhage. I know you're not a fan of the lingo, but you gotta admit, the man is a hunk of lusciousness. mm. I feel a need to reread (for the hundredth time or so).

marykate, you read Caine on a plane? hehe. I bet your fellow passengers were jealous that they didn't think to bring such, um, stimulating reading material. Isn't it hot? And sexy and satisfyingly romantic and emotional? N'stuff. heh. Lucky for you, she has some other good 'uns out there and more of the Hell's Eight series lined up to go.

Sarai said...

So Sula after reading and re-reading your list (the library is groaning at the load of books I just slapped them with) I think you should pick up the Tea Rose. Right up your alley if you like Epic Romance. (good thing I'm bringing it to the island) Anywho thought I would throw that out there!

ag said...

#4 and #5 would be on my list too.