Sunday, June 8, 2008

economical studying

Economics = study of the use of scarce resources

My scarce resource of free time is being consumed today by the study of economics. A mid-term exam looms at 6pm tonight (yes, SUNDAY night, ugh) and of course I am a professional procrastinator. So today will be spent unplugged from teh intertubes as I attempt to cram five chapters of boring theory into my brain, ready to be unleashed in five essay questions.



Dev said...

Ugh. Economics on Sunday???? Good luck on the studying ~ I'm sure you'll do fine on the test!

lisabea said...

You know what would be a sure fire way to impress your economics prof? Write the entire exam in LOL cats! YES? yes? no?


Miss you, pahtnah. And unplug. I'm about to do the same. I haz goalz. 1500 words.

azteclady said...

*sending all sorts of positive energy your way*

Will see you when you get back, all relaxed and with your mind empty of all that theory after you pour it on the paper.

Tracy said...

Good luck with your exam!

Katie(babs) said...

Sending positive waves your way :D

Sarah said...

Have fun!

sula said...

Thanks for the kind wishes, everyone. I think they must have helped. I went in and banged out the five essays in about forty minutes (writing by hand...ouch). I felt like I did ok. I had a lot to say on some of them, others not so much. Hopefully at least worthy of a B.

So many better ways one could spend the last day of the weekend, but oh well. :/