Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Of DIKs and things...

(The picture has nothing to do with this post...I just have a soft spot for LOLcats and thought that was funny. *g*)


Once upon a time there was a group of five or six romance bloggers who were chatting on AIM. A good time was had by all as books were discussed and best reads evah were named. One thing led to another and the notion of a DIK (Desert Island Keeper) list took shape. Initially there were six of us in the chat, so we decided that each person could bring six books to our made-up island. Which would make a library of 36. That's how it started. Since then, the DIK-mania (heh) has grown and morphed into a free-for-all hero-choose-a-thon and now (drumroll) a blog! Excellent reads, hot men, author interviews, these things will be covered in detail. Good times.

I've been pathetically remiss in shouldering my share of the blog's duties (shakes fist at summer MBA courses and full-time work schedule) but I always seem to find time to pimp myself. ha. Well, that is...today is/was my "about me" day on the group blog. So if you wanna know my answers to such scintillating and life-changing questions as "what is your favorite sex song?", then hurry on over to the DIK Ladies blog. woot!


lisabea said...

I'm so glad we're on teh island together.

Christine said...

*sung to the tune of 'The Ballad Gilligan's Island'*

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful
That started from this tropic
Aboard this tiny

The mate was a mighty
The skipper brave and sure.
OF THEIR PALS set sail that day
For a three hour
CHAT, a three hour CHAT.

Okaaay... someone's been out in the sun too long ... ;p

Carolyn Jean said...

DIK on, Sula!

Sarai said...

So I forgot to pimp myself what does that say about me?

Katie(babs) said...

we so rock :D

Aymless said...
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Aymless said...

Oooohhh bug repellent! I am so sitting/standing next to Sula.

Wanna trade some bug repellent for sparkly water? Or can 'no bugs' be a part of our island magic!?