Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Cuz

alright, this seems to be the blog meme o' the day. I have to laugh at mine. How sad and true it is. poor lonely blog. I really need to rescue it from its solitude. lol.


Dev said...

Hey, be thankful. Mine says I'm a Narcoleptic Prostitute.

kim said...

Heh. Mine is A Tale of Curiousity and Appliances. By Kevin Smith

Hey, wasn't there a book Lisabea talked about with a toaster in it?
Maybe appliances can be fun?
IDK. Have to ask LB.

lisabea said...

Toaster book:

Heh.Kim~What's your fav Kev.Smith movie?

kim said...

Hey LB!
As a director gotta be Dogma but as an actor I thought he was hysterical as Warlock in Live Free and Die Hard.
I'm such a nerd.

lisabea said...

Kim. AGREED! On both counts!

kim said...

Speaking of movies....we took the kids to see that Zohan something or other movie. Everyone in the movie was eating hummus LOL After the movie my son asked me what hummus was and I had the answer because of TTGUMBVSHBO etc. !

The movie was Lame-O. Half the people walked out of the theater before it was at mid-point.
Really Bad. Hubby picked it out and now he is banned for the rest of the summer for picking out our movies. LOL

lisabea said...


LG and my boy came home from seeing it with my mother and they were like: ew they put hummus on everything! And I BURST out laughing.For no apparent reason. heh. Poor Nico! His hummus is being abused.

sula said...

mmm, hummus. I heart hummus. And that was before Nico made it cool. lol.

Christine said...

I'm going to post my quiz results to this on my blog tonight... I did both my blog name and my first name and got the same director. O_o