Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My day at RWA

Ahoy! So I'm here in San Francisco (as evidenced by photos below). My work conference thingy was all day Monday and Tuesday and was very productive. Monday night, I met up with blogger buddies KristieJ, katiebabs, ciara, alys, and tracy and we walked for EVER to get to a yummy Thai restaurant. kb has posted some wild n' crazy photos on Ramblings on Romance. Don't believe it...I wuz not drunk. heh. ;)

Last night was a monumental event. I finally met my partnah in crime, ms. lisabea. We had a blast and mr. lisabea is a really good sport, it has to be said. He went out with us crazy ladies and endured an evening of sushi and squeeing and sake. Back at the hotel lobby, we met up with rosie and author Carrie Lofty and just hung out at the bar drinking and talking. heh. Carrie has a book coming out in December called "What a Scoundrel Wants". More about that later (looks fab, can't wait!). I had to head back to my hotel in Japantown and pretty much crashed. I'm still getting used to this 3-hour time change thingy.

This morning we ventured forth to find a reasonably priced breakfast (the hotel buffet is like $20+) and were thrilled to find...wait for it...a DENNY'S! woot! Grand slam, baybey! Samhain editor Angela James (who has a fun blog) joined us and we had an excellent time slamming coffee, eggs, pancakes and assorted meat products. mmmmm...foooood. Not only is Angela cool to hang with and cool because Samhain has such great books (and such nice covers, ahem) but she also bought our breakfast. awww. Too many nice people!

mkay, so time to head out for more fun and excitement. Will try to check in later. Wish you were here!

teddy, lb and I are going to try to hit some of those recommended locations that you told us about. report to follow. ;)

edited to add: i totally hijacked SB Sarah in the hallway. poor thing. lol. She's a good sport and freakin' funny too.

oh yeah and I met Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe (along with rosie and kristiej) in front of the elevators.


Tracy said...

Jealousy overtakes my body! lol

I had so much fun at dinner last night! Yes, Mr. Lisabea is a very good sport - kudos to him.

Can't wait to hear about the visits to the Spots TP mentioned! :)

Christine said...

Thanks for the update! I met SB Sarah in NYC last week--she is very funny! I liked her a lot.

p.s. That sushi looks yummy! :)

sula said...

tracy, i'm so glad that you were able to come even though it was way too short of a time. we must do it DC next year!!!

and better be there next year too. these people are way too much fun. :) Was so nice to talk to you on the phone!

Sarai said...

So happy you got to go! Sounds like you had a blast!! Report back on all and forward any blackmailing pics to the dikladies! and I will post I swear *evil grin*

Kristie (J) said...

Sula - you are gone now - you and Tracy :( It's not quite the same without you.

Katie(babs) said...

Great that you could come for a few days! Such a blast. Yum sushi and Denny's!