Thursday, August 14, 2008

i just watch for the "action"

Is it wrong that I was watching this very exciting moment and anticipating that it would become even more exciting with a little more droppage of those swimsuits? *sigh* I live in hope. But really, what do you call that lovely muscle that runs from the hip down to the um...nether regions? I don't know it's name, but I know that I sure like seeing it!

Olympic watching is so educational. *ahem*

Anyone else enjoying these games? Fav moments?


Kristie (J) said...

Do you suppose they know millions of women are looking just to see if they pull the suits down just a little but further?

Rosie said...

They gotta know women everywhere are downloading these pictures. They gotta.

GG is finally getting a little annoyed because all the "good" stuff is on so late at night and he can't see it live. Go figure dude, the Olympics are in CHINA... So far it hasn't much deterred him from watching the coverage from the moment he gets home from work until almost midnight every night.

sula said...

kristie, I think they HAVE to be aware on some level. I was watching Phelps jump up and down and that suit kept slipping father and farther and I was really enjoying the um...view. yes.

that guy is a freaking MACHINE. simply amazing.

rosie, I feel GG's pain. I think I'm going to be a heretic tonite and miss the women's gymnastics even tho it's one of my fav events. we've just been staying up so late every single night. i'm tired. :(

Shannon said...

Hon, that is the reason most American women watch the games.

Carrie Lofty said...

I think that on Thanksgiving, in addition to turkey and dressing, we should be treated to footage of tan, buff, lean, shaven men hugging each other in wild masculine celebration. Now that's worth being thankful for. And I'm just a little bit in love with Jason Lezak. Any athelete my age who looks and performs the way he does has my admiration and my drool.

sula said...

christine, I agree that a CLOSE visual and perhaps manual inspection is required. Please let me know if you need assistance. My middle name is helpful. *g* Did your daughter get to watch Nastia win the gold? I made it through the uneven bars but then had to crash. Read about the results this morning. I was hoping for her to win cuz I like the look of her gymnastics the best, so yay! and it's a sweet story about her dad too.

shannon, i must say that up till now i've stricly been a winter olympics gal, but this go-round has given me a totally new appreciation for the summer games. heh.

carrie, I think you're on to something. Let us all pause and give thanks. all that masculine flesh shaved and muscular and oh my. Agree on Jason Lezak. That was beyond awesome. If Phelps makes it to his 8 gold goal, he needs to cut a fat check to Lezak because he's the only reason they won that relay.

lisabea said...

Carrie~I'm sensing a new thanksgiving hymn..with a hint of m/m tension.

Sula~I stayed up. ::cries:: I'm so tired! And those "women" make me want lipo and a celery stick.

JenB said...

re: Thanksgiving -- Screw football. Let's tap into the Down Unda satellite network and see if we can find some nekkid rugby.

Tracy said...

Usually the gymnastics are my favorite part of the summer olympics...besides the track and field stuff. But this year I've gotta say that the swimming is the best! I've just loved watching it.

Christine & Sula...I'm up for being the assistant to the assistant. And I've heard that the people on the bottom rung need to do all the dirty work so you two can step back and I'll get er done for you. :)

Sarai said...

I call it the penis muscle. NO idea why but everytime I See that cut in the lower region I get happy *g*

sula said...

lb, i can't believe you managed to stay awake. i mean it WAS exciting but the cumulative effect of late nights all week...uh uh. i had to give up. :( But at least I saw the half-nekkid mens! (priorities)

jenb, i am on board with that plan. lemme know if you hack into a signal. nice avatar, btw.

tracy, i'm like you. usually the gymnastics is what i want to see, but this year the swimming has been very fun to watch. i blame michael phelps aka the MACHINE. yes, you can be an assistant.

sarai, you WIN! that is the best description of the muscle that i have heard. lol. the penis muscle. work it!

iz so purty.

Sarai said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have no idea why that name is what I call it nor why it has stuck all these years but there you go!