Thursday, August 7, 2008

kicking my own arse

So there's a new little strip mall about a mile from my house and one of the businesses that just opened is a Taekwondo school. DBF used to practice martial arts, so one day I dropped in and picked up some info for him thinking he might want to get involved (he didn't). About a month later, I got a promo thing from them in the mail offering two weeks of classes for free (plus a uniform). DBF was should try it. And I was like...yeah, why not?

Tonight was my first class. It was fun, lots of people younger (and better) than me. Kick, kick, kick. I am going to be one sore kitty tomorrow. But I'm curious to do this and see how I like it. And how it likes me. Maybe I'll magically turn into a kick-ass heroine. heh. Or not.


azteclady said...

Hey, Sula, color me green with envy.

In a previous lifetime I trained Taekwondo, and before that a bit of Aikido, and before that some karate.


Enjoy it, girl!

(and welcome back)

kim said...

Oh man, the sore muscles.

It sounds like fun and what a deal!

Good luck!

Everyone was kung-fu fightin...nana nana na na na...Those cats were fast as lightin....

sula said...

hey, i woke up this morning and i can still walk! i must not have pushed myself hard enough last night. lol. time enough to remedy that...there's another class tonite or perhaps tomorrow morning.

thanks az, nice to be back. i will come to you for all my martial arts questions, sensei. you still train?

kim, i was rather pleased with the free-ness of the deal. And they wrote my name in Korean characters on my uniform. heh. i am easily amused.

Rosie said...

Go Sula! You can do eet! BTW, loved the pic.

lisabea said...


K I think I said something like: taking names and kicking ass. Which would be different, how????

Heh. Good for you, pahtnah.

Tracy said...

oooh - Taekwondo! I've heard such good things about it. They actually hold a class 2 nights a week at my work (they rent the space) but I haven't checked it out yet.

Go forth and kick ass my friend.

Christine said...

Sounds like a great workout and mental exercise!!! I bet you look hot in your uniform! ;)

Carolyn Jean said...

How cool, Sula - good for you! My husband and I took submission wrestling, you know, MMA submission stuff, last year. Whoa, that was a freaker wrestling all those young guys. I would highly recommend it to all single girls.

Sarai said...

Oh they have a boxing place kind of like this down the street from me and I am tempted to go there tomorrow night to see what they have to offer.

ReneeW said...

That's so cool. My new son-in-law owns a martial arts school along with his mom and sister. I have been to one of their events and it's amazing how all ages participate together and there are lots of women/girls in their classes. It's great exercise, plus it teaches self-discipline. You keep it up, girl!