Sunday, March 16, 2008

Magickal Mystery Tour

So it seems as though the last week and a half has been my time for magick and mystics and all things paranormal-y. I began by finally cracking the CL Wilson book that dear katiebabs sent me many moons ago. Lord of the Fading Lands was definitely in the vein of fantasy with elves and fey and other such things. I devoured it very quickly. But upon reaching the end of the book, I did not jump into the sequel. I was a little bummed out that our h/h didn't even get together by the end and wasn't sure if I had the patience to go through another entire book waiting for this to occur. At least, not right away. So I took a break and entered yet another world - the world of Shana Abe's drakon. The Dream Thief worked much better for me than The Smoke Thief. I even woke up an hour early (on a weekday!) just so I could get in some extra reading time before work. Good stuff. Then, wonder of wonders, the mail came and a triple dose of books arrived from my blogging buddy, lisabea. Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark books 1-3. A Hunger Like No Other introduced me to this new world of magickal creatures. And boy, are there lots of them. Multiple species of vampires, witches, demons, werewolves, nymphs, the list goes on. The sheer variety of mystical beings sorta made my head spin. No Rest for the Wicked was super-good. I may have to skim it once more before sending it on to CJ. And today I read Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night, which was actually not as bad as I had been expecting (especially considering the awfulness of the cover art.)


So my ambition for this week is as follows. To write up a short review of each of these five books and to post one review for each day of the week. huh. We'll see if I can do it. The magickal mystery tour begins...


lisabea said...

OK so Kresley (who is too beautiful, right?) has a series between this mostly great one and the first poopie one. It's ok, a bit ansty, but there are moments that are pretty good. I'll see if I can dig em up.

Glad you're reviewing!! ::rubs hands together:: This ought to be a good week.

sula said...

she's pretty like a romance novel heroine. is that other series the ones in scotland? how are they? better than the pirate/ship books? worse?

here's hoping I can pull together a little review mojo. I tend to psyche myself out because I want to be perfect. hah. note to self...this is not possible.

Katie(babs) said...

Wicked Deeds was a major Bah Humbug for me after enjoying the first two. Perhaps the cover set the mood for the book?
YIPPY!! You are finally reading The Fading Lands. :)I have been pimping this book like crazy!