Saturday, October 6, 2007

Meet and greet

Today I had my first experience meeting AAR folks live and in person. I've met lots and lots of people through my other online community, but this was a first. It was interesting and a lot of fun. A little strange to be able to talk about romance novels with other people face to face. I don't think I've ever done that. In many ways, my romance reading feels like my little secret. I get books from the library, buy them at Borders or online and read them alone in my room. I don't have any friends or family that read romance, so no one to discuss with. Just my online peeps. Anyways, they were all very nice and we had a good time over lunch. GailK and I took a quick spin through Borders before meeting the rest. Fun to cruise the shelves and poke fun at some of the covers. A little like doing it on the forum but in real time. *g*

It took me about two hours to drive back home. Part of why my bf and I bought a second car was so that we could drive further than to work/school and home. The other car has 200k miles on it and just isn't reliable enough to take far. This new one is an 01 Honda Civic with 100k. It's still a stick shift which is somewhat new to me. I only learned when we moved to Virginia a year and a half ago. Occasionally, it still freaks me out to be driving on big roads with fast cars and know that if I accidentally pop the clutch or something I could grind to a halt. lol. So far so good though and this car gets great gas mileage. 36 mpg in the city.

Now I am curled up on the couch upstairs transferring season 1 of Bloodties to VHS. Yeah, I know...VHS is ancient technology but I don't know how (nor have the hardwear) to get things from my DVR to anything else. I need to create some space on the DVR for new seasons of upcoming shows, so I gotta save the keepers. Besides, it is always nice to sit and watch Henry. *sigh*


Kristie (J) said...

Isn't it great meeting fellow romance readers in person? Like you, I don't really have any friends who like romance the way I do so meeting people who love 'em like me is extra special.

And - Oh Yes Henry!!! I've become obsessed over that show. I watch it 3 times a week now. We're behind and the one I saw tonight is when Mike puts that star thingy on Henry's chest and it weakens him. And then ....... it ended!?!?! And I have to wait until next week to see if Henry gets away. I'm presuming he does - but it's going to be a long week!

sula said...

Yeah, it really was fun to meet fellow romance readers. I'd like to do it again. I only wish I knew some that lived a little closer to me.

Ooh, I'm happy to hear that Canadian TV is finally showing Blood Ties. Funny that it took them a while given that it is set in Canada, filmed in Canada, starring Canadians...etc. The next episode is a good one, but be prepared for some intense scenes. Poor Henry! You get to see some of his more animalistic vampire side come out. I'm really quite impressed by young Kyle Schmid. Quite a good actor, methinks. Also, you gotta love Julian Sands in that guest role. Love to hate him that is. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Sula, What fun to have met and spent time with some people from AAR. I am like you in that my romance reading is sort of secret too. My DIL reads romance, but she is the only one, and her reading is mostly chick lit, so I really have no one in RL to discuss historical romances with. It would be great to discuss a romance looking into the face of another reader. Nice blog...and just to let you know...I read all the books in the Beth Williamson series (available in print)and enjoyed them for the most part. xina

sula said...

hey xina, thanks so much for stopping by. :) I wish we all lived closer together and could have little face-to-face time now and again. It's really fun to be able to talk about romance IRL.

I'm enjoying the Beth Williamson book although I have to say that I liked her newer release more. I think the later one reflects a better handle on writing craft (as if I can talk, eh) but I like both for a change of setting. Nice to read a Western after all these regencies. *g*

Gail K. said...

hey! I got a shoutout in a blog post. And a positive one, to boot, woo-hoo. Fantastic blog sula, and I swear, you need to update your photo with your new svelte supermodel cheekbones ;)

xina, I propose that our next AAR meet and greet be in the Minneapolis airport. I like airports plus I want to take the Larry Craig tour!

My memory is like a sieve these days and I've already forgotten the titles/author of those fugly covers we ID's in Borders. Guess I'll have to rely on virtual trolling...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sula,

I so enjoyed our meet & greet and wish we'd had more time. You're smart and funny and charming and adorable -- and so is Gail!

IMO Fantasy Lover was pretty much the high point for Kenyon. I got hooked and read far too many in this series after I should have given up. There are a few pretty good ones and I'll hunt up the titles if you're interested. But you MUST read Welcome to Temptation first!

Best, Diana

sula said...

hey gail and diana. Thanks for coming by and you're makin' me blush with the nice words. lol. It was great to meet you and I had such a nice afternoon chatting with you all. Diana, I didn't forget...Welcome to Temptation is on hold for me at the library. *g* I'll let you know how I like it. And yes, if you have a cliff note's list for Kenyon titles, I'd love to hear it. No point wasting time on stinkers; I want the good stuff.

Gail, I too have forgotten our lovely covers. :( I suppose the solution would be to go back and visit Borders, mwahaha!