Monday, October 29, 2007

The 100

Lo and behold, after many hours devoted to the development and honing of this list (hours that I should have been spending doing homework for my managerial accounting class tomorrow), I have finished my top 100 for the AAR poll. I'm exhausted! But what a trip down memory lane. I'm almost embarrassed to show my list because it's VERY heavy on historicals and seems to be very predictable. But I did try to be honest and think back over my entire history of romance reading. I guess I'm a dependable run-of-the-mill historical reader. *g* And if you're wondering what the picture has to do with my list? Absolutely nothing other than the fact that you can never have too many hot Gerard Butler pictures running around, and besides, he looks like he could be the hero in about half of the titles listed below. Also I figured that if the list bored you, at least you could come for the eye candy. Cheers!

1. Outlander - Diana Gabaldon
2. Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon
3. Dreaming of You - Lisa Kleypas
4. The Duke - Galen Foley
5. Lover Eternal - JR Ward
6. By Posession - Madeline Hunter
7. All Through the Night - Connie Brockway
8. Into the Wilderness - Sara Donati
9. Silk and Shadows - Mary Jo Putney
10. Devil's Bride - Stephanie Laurens
11. The Secret - Julie Garwood
12. Lord of Scoundrels - Loretta Chase
13. If His Kiss Is Wicked - Jo Goodman
14. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton - Julia Quinn
15. Beast - Judith Ivory
16. The Serpent Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt
17. Shadowheart - Laura Kinsale
18. Shattered Rainbows - Mary Jo Putney
19. Perfect - Judith McNaught
20. Lover Awakened - JR Ward
21. Moonrise - Anne Stuart
22. The Bridal Season - Connie Brockway
23. The Black Angel - Barbara Samuel
24. Iron Rose - Marsha Canham
25. Then Came You - Lisa Kleypas
26. A Secret Love - Stephanie Laurens
27. By Design - Madeline Hunter
28. More than a Mistress - Mary Balogh
29. Lord of the Silent - Elizabeth Peters
30. The Wedding - Julie Garwood
31. After the Kiss - Karen Ranney
32. Beyond a Wicked Kiss - Jo Goodman
33. Welcome to Temptation - Jennifer Crusie
34. Passion - Lisa Valdez
35. To Have and To Hold - Patricia Gaffney
36. Menage - Emma Holly
37. Angel Rogue - Mary Jo Putney
38. The Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas
39. Voyager - Diana Gabldon
40. Pale Moon Rider - Marsha Canham
41. And Then He Kissed Her - Laura Lee Guhrke
42. The Stanislaski Brothers - Nora Roberts
43. A Season to Be Sinful - Jo Goodman
44. Promises Linger - Sarah McCarty
45. Suddenly You - Lisa Kleypas
46. All About Love - Stephanie Laurens
47. The Bride - Julie Garwood
48. Dancing on the Wind - Mary Jo Putney
49. Lord of Fire - Galen Foley
50. When He Was Wicked - Julia Quinn
51. Untie My Heart - Judith Ivory
52. Thunder and Roses - Mary Jo Putney
53. The Prince - Elizabeth Minogue
54. Flowers from the Storm - Laura Kinsale
55. Night of Fire - Barbara Samuel
56. The Lady's Tutor - Robin Schone
57. The Raven Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt
58. Drums of Autumn - Diana Gabldon
59. Everything I Ever Wanted - Jo Goodman
60. It Happened One Autumn - Lisa Kleypas
61. Voices of the Night - Lydia Joyce
62. Slightly Dangerous - Mary Balogh
63. The Gift - Julie Garwood
64. To Love a Scottish Lord - Karen Ranney
65. Miss Wonderful - Loretta Chase
66. Mistress - Amanda Quick
67. My Pleasure - Connie Brockway
68. Dark Lover - JR Ward
69. By Arrangement - Madeline Hunter
70. The Proposition - Judith Ivory
71. The Leopard Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt
72. Rules of Attraction - Cristina Dodd
73. Beyond Innocence - Emma Holly
74. The Fiery Cross - Diana Gabaldon
75. No True Gentleman - Liz Carlyle
76. Someone to Watch Over Me - Lisa Kleypas
77. Let Me Be The One - Jo Goodman
78. Kingdom of Dreams - Judith McNaught
79. Wild Child - Mary Jo Putney
80. Saving Grace - Julie Garwood
81. Black Ice - Anne Stuart
82. Dance of Seduction - Sabrina Jeffries
83. Full Moon Rising - Keri Arthur
84. Secrets of a Summer Night - Lisa Kleypas
85. Pirate Prince - Galen Foley
86. Ravished - Amanda Quick
87. He Shall Thunder In the Sky - Elizabeth Peters
88. Beauty and the Spy - Julie Anne Long
89. Scandal's Bride - Stephanie Laurens
90. Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas
91. The Duke and I - Julia Quinn
92. Mischief - Amanda Quick
93. Scandal in Spring - Lisa Kleypas
94. His Every Kiss - Laura Lee Guhrke
95. When It's Perfect - Adele Ashworth
96. All About Passion - Stephanie Laurens
97. Cooking up a Storm - Emma Holly
98. The Devil Earl - Deborah Simmons
99. Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh
100. Arousing Suspicions - Marianne Stillings


Tumperkin said...

Ooooo - tried to leave a comment before and it hasn't gone on so I'll try again.

Like you, I'm a historicals fanatic and there are so many of my favourites on your list that I've printed your list to keep a note of the authors I haven't tried yet.

lisabea said...

Forget the books. Who is that man?????

sula said...

hey tumperkin! Glad you were able to leave a comment, and also glad to know that I'm not the only historical reader out there. *g* Did you make your list? I'd love to compare notes and find some more great books.

lisabea, that lovely specimen of manhood is Gerard Butler. As seen in the regrettably cheesy tv-miniseries "Attila". Isn't he loverly???

katiebabs said...

Gerard drool drool drool....
I so wanted to jump him in 300 and be his Christine in Phantom of the Opera!

Dev said...

What a list! You've got a lot of my faves listed here as well. My list was pretty historical heavy also.

Kristie (J) said...

Well dang! My post didn't go through. You have about 13 I haven't read. And rats! I didn't think about After the Kiss by Karen Ranney. I loved that one.

Giselle said...

Um, I tried to read your list but my eyes just couldn't focus after seeing that wonderful specimen of male perfection. Gawd almighty he is one hot piece of man candy!

nath said...

From your list, i know you're a historical romance lover :D

nath said...

From your list, i know you're a historical romance lover :D

Tumperkin said...

I was too late to start on this top 100 thing - would have taken me ages. But I periodically blog about the books on my Keeper shelf - 95% of which are historicals.

ReneeW said...

Great list, Sula. I finally found your blog :) You have some wonderful historicals on your list. I see a few I have in my TBR and some I need to add. I should have put Menage on my list too. Love that book.

sula said...

wow, note to self...if you want people to comment on your blog, include a Gerard Butler pic. lol. damn, he's so pretty, it almost hurts to look.

katiebabs, I agree with your sentiments. heck, I was even willing to be the captured slave girl to his Attila (despite the cheesiness of the movie). *g*

dev, I can see that I'll need to check out your list to get some ideas for historicals I've missed. which reminds me...where is your list? I didn't see it on your blog, but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

kristie, I hope you noticed the plethora of Kleypas titles in my list. hehe. And I almost forgot "After The Kiss" too. Ranney was one of my happy little finds this year and that was the first book of hers I read.

giselle, hello and welcome to the Gerard-fest. You think it's something they put in the water in Scotland? Whatever it is, they can keep exporting men like that even if it does upset the balance of trade. lol.

nath, yeah I admit it...historical reader here. hehe. I am trying to branch out and read different genres but even then, I have such nostalgia for some of the books that really hooked me on romance.

tumperkin, I hope that you'll compile your list for next time. In the meantime, I've bookmarked your blog and hope to borrow some of your reading ideas. :)

ReneeW, glad you found your way here. And now I've found my way to your blog too. *g* I love that you use the accent mark over the E. My middle name is Renee, and I spell it that way too. I was surprised to find that I had put Menage up as high as I did on my list. But in retrospect, it really was something of a taboo-breaking book imo. The first time I'd read an m/m/f that actually felt romantic and believable and not purely for the titillation factor. My only complaint was the weird way that Joe changed at the end.