Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hi ho, it's off to the library we go

Tests and papers in the rearview mirror, it seemed like a good time to make a visit to the library. Besides, my BF wanted to go get some DVDs to watch now that he is free from homework and school. So while he perused the DVD wall, I wandered around the paperback shelves. As always, I forgot to bring a list, but I ended up with a mix of books. Actually, now that I look at it, I guess each of them is from a different genre. History, paranormal, paranormal suspense, and contemporary. To use the newly crowned Merriam-Webster word of the year...w00t!

The Perils of Pursuing a Prince - Julia London

Dark Seduction - Brenda Joyce

Shadow Touch - Marjorie M. Liu

Faking It - Jennifer Crusie

And the most exciting thing of all, I found in the audiobook department. An unabridged copy of Diana Gabaldon's new(ish) book Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade! I love audiobooks. I love Gabaldon. Two of my favorite things combined. Very excited to start this. *g*
But before any of these new books will be opened, I must complete my reread nirvana. The Serpent Prince. *sigh*


lisabea said...

My daughter just read Faking It. She finished it last night and is now ripping through Bet Me. It's weird and funny because she's all "Wow! This lady can really tell a good story!" and I'm all "Please don't read the sex scenes."

I have that Julia London sitting in my dust heap. Have you read her?

sula said...

lisabea, that's funny about you and your daughter. lol. Aww, c'mon you know she just wants to read the hot scenes. ;) At least that's all I wanted to read when I was younger. Hey, then again, that's a lot of what I want to read now! hmmm.

I read Welcome to Temptation a while ago and really liked it. Bet Me was less of a success for me. Took way too long to get to the shagging (again, I'm shallow, so sue me). But when I saw that Davy Dempsey was the hero in Faking It, I knew I had to give it a shot.

As for London, I *think* I may have read some of her stuff a long long time ago. Can't remember anything specific though. After reading the interview with the SBs this week, I thought I'd give the book a whirl.