Thursday, December 13, 2007

lazy thursday night

It's a quiet evening here at the ranch. I'm catching up on the last three episodes of Project Runway. Now that Blood Ties is over, I guess this is the only show that I actually bother to follow. The nice part is that I don't have to worry about missing an episode, they're always showing them over and over again. I think that so far this season, no one is really standing out to me. I know that Jeffrey was a bit of an ass last season, but I never saw him turn in a crap design. And adorable was he and how cute were his clothes? It seems like this season's designers aren't quite as polished...or something. I dunno. Anyways, it's still entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining television, can I just go off on a mini-rant about how angry I am at stupid Lifetime television right now? Ok, so they bought the first set of 23 episodes and then instead of showing them all in one normal season, they cut them in half and split it into two seasons. So that of course makes it harder for people who might have gotten into the show to stay hooked. They promised us a marathon repeat of season 1 before starting season 2, but that never happened. Then for season 2, they moved the timeslot to 11pm on freaking Friday night! To top it all off, they decided at the last minute that in fact the final two episodes would not be shown on television after all...they would only air on their website (which is not available to viewers outside the US). WTF? Not to mention their complete lack of promotional support for the show. And there is still no word on whether or not they will renew the show and have another season filmed. But considering the shitty way they've been treating it, I don't hold out much hope. Why oh why? This show was actually fun to watch, had two cute guys, a kick-ass heroine, paranormal elements, vampires, clever dialogue and romantic tension. How many idiotic "America's Top Psychic" shows can say that? AARRRRGGGG! /end rant

Moving on to happier topics...I'm loving my reread of TSP. I think I might even write up a review. Depends on how ambitious I feel this weekend, I guess. Thanks to one of my AAR friends, GailK, I am crushing on Paul Bettany as my mental image of Simon. I can totally see him nailing that rapier-like witty dialogue, pulling off the red heeled shoes, and also giving that angsty deep dark layer that makes Simon who he is.

I also am really enjoying the Lord John audiobook. I got through a few chapters last night before nodding off to sleep. Mm, the sexual tension between LJ and his new "step-brother" it!

On the North and South crusade front...welcome to the ranks new recruit devon who wrote a really nice review. For any of you reading this blog, if you haven't watched the film, what are you waiting for?!?!? Look into this man's eyes and see if you can resist?


lisabea said...

I also am really enjoying the Lord John audiobook. I got through a few chapters last night before nodding off to sleep. Mm, the sexual tension between LJ and his new "step-brother" it!

What's this? What's this? Do tell...sounds like something I may be sorta almost interested in. Maybe. Damn. I've got to read that Gabaldon, don't I?

I may have had a little wine tonight. Not that you can tell or anything.

And you nailed Simon. Perfectly.

sula said...

You haven't read Gabaldon?!? Heresy! lol. Ok, ok, she's not for everyone, but I lurve her. LJ was a secondary character in the Outlander books, but she gave him his own series. So far each one is a kind of mystery/suspense set in 1750s England. As you will have surmised, LJ is gay. DearAuthor had a good review of the book a while back.

You like my choice for Simon? :-)

Hey, I wish I was a little toasted myself. Guess that will have to wait for the weekend, dammit. Thank god it starts tomorrow.

Kristie (J) said...

I have to learn real fast how to work the VCR!! I'm not going to be home Sunday night for Blood Ties - it's the one where we hear Christina is back. Mind you I can catch it a couple of weeks later on a different station - but still. And I'm mad as heck that they didn't renew it either. They could have had a real hit on their hands. No new Henry *sobbing uncontrollably* (yes - I know that's spelled wrong but the day is very early yet)

Katie(babs) said...

Picture of John... drool. Sorry Henry doesn't do it for me, especially when you put that picture of our favorite man up!
I love the character of John, especially the friendship he and Jamie have, even though John was has a major lust for Jamie. Too bad, Jamie belongs to Claire.

Carrie Lofty said...

I just subscribed to your blog feed, so now I'll be bothering you on a regular basis :)

Just wanted to let you know that you do the world a public service with giant pics of RA. Thx!

sula said...

hi carrie! I hope you'll come by and bug me on a regular basis. *g* The world can ALWAYS use more giant pics of RA. I consider it a public service. lol.