Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Saga of the Forsytes

This will be a short post because I'm tired and need sleep. My brother, boyfriend and I spent the entire day watching the whole Forsyte Saga set of DVDs. I think there are like 10 episodes. It really did take all day. lol.

I would try to explain the plot but it would go something like, there's this family, and one of the guys runs away with his daughter's nanny and then his cousin marries this woman who never loves him and then the first guy's daughter's fiance falls in love with the cousin's wife and then they try to run away together but that doesn't work out and then she leaves her husband and eventually marries the FIRST guy and would you believe that her son and her ex-husband's daughter end up falling for each other? And it actually gets even longer, more twisted around and complicated. But oh what fun! The sets are lovely, the costumes gorgeous. And what could be better than watching beautiful British-speaking people emoting on camera? I ask you.


Misty G said...

The guy in the picture was my favorite actor on Band Of Brothers. I haven't seen this series yet, but I'll have to put it on my list.

Tumperkin said...

I *heart* Damien Lewis. He's my favourite redhead (but I couldn't make him be Jamie. Finished Cross Stitch last night. Amazing. Just can't find the words.)

Katie(babs) said...

I loved this series! and I love Masterpiece Theater and the BBC...
Damien Lewis was amazing in the role and I felt so bad for him because his bitch of a wife hated him. Poor guy just wanted love and when he finds her dress on the bed and lays it on him... so beautiful.
I really didn't like her and when she was destitute giving piano lessions for money I wanted her to jump in the lake.
Also Ioan Gruffudd was quite good. But it was all about Damien. Also loved him in Band of Brothers.

Susan/DC said...

While I thought Damien Lewis was quite wonderful in the role of Soames, he so clearly didn't "get" Irene that it was no surprise she left him (his raping her didn't help either). I also loved Ioan Gruffudd and thought Gina McKee was great as Irene. She has a very expressive face that can be beautiful and sexy or almost ugly, depending on the light and her hairstyle. That kind of face is more fascinating to me than the blander kind of face that always looks the same.

sula said...

I agree with Susan about the Soames character. Damien Lewis did a fantastic job showing his inner struggle and inability to give and receive love in a healthy manner. It was just painfully obvious that he and Irene should never have been together. They both contributed to the downfall of their marriage and neither one could see how their actions were poisoning any chance of a detente.

I did love Ioan Gruffud. Yum! After only seeing him play the rather straight-laced Horatio Hornblower, it was nice to see him in a romantic role.

I also quite liked young Jolian Forsyte. The one that ended up marrying three different women over the course of the series. I thought that he was the most reflective and most in-tune with his own emotions and the feelings of others.

Anyways, overall definitely a series to check out if you haven't already. Just be is LONG.