Tuesday, January 1, 2008

on the road again, and again, and again

Happy new years indeed. Last night my brother, my boyfriend, and I went to a small party hosted by a few of my friends. It was lovely, good food, good company, dancing, etc. but we had to cut it short because my brother was supposed to catch a flight at 8 o'clock the next morning. It takes about an hour to drive from my door to the airport and security lines being what they are nowadays, we got up at 5am and left the house by 5:30 in order to be there with plenty of time to spare. Mind you, I was the one who woke up early, made a hot breakfast for everyone, woke them up, herded them out the door in time, etc. We get there fine and drop him off, heading back for home just as the sun peaks up from behind the mountains. After getting home, we crash into bed, bleary-eyed from lack of sleep and look forward to a nice leisurly morning sleeping. Forty-five minutes later, my cell phone rings. I miss the call. I look at the number. No one I know. It rings again. Against my better judgement, I answered this time on the off-chance that my brother's flight was cancelled due to bad weather at his destination. Well, it was my brother but the flight wasn't cancelled. It was just supposed to leave at 8 o'clock at night. ARG! Why in heaven's name did he not double-check, triple-check and brand this information on his mind? So being the pushover I am, I fell victim to his whining about having to spend 12 whole hours in the airport and I drove back to pick him up. And I still have to drive him back tonite. And then drive home. I calculate that I will have spent about 6 hours of my last vacation day sitting in my car. If there was a way to insert a very angry looking emoticon, you would find one here.


Tumperkin said...

Poor you! Still, I see the package arrived so you can have good hoot over 'Married By Arrangement'. My requirements for category romance are that they must be as silly as possible and this is silliness taken to the nth degree. Tattooed, caravan-dwelling cleaner marries gorgeous multi-trillionaire type. Oh yeah, baby.

lisabea said...

Well, I can relate. My nephew sat on the tarmac for a couple hours, in the snow, today. His flight has been cancelled, though his bags arrived safely at O'Hare (he's going to Dallas, FYI). My husband is on his way to pick him up. We will try again tomorrow to ship his ass out of here.

This happened to him last year on New Year's Day. You would think I would have learned a valuable lesson then, huh?

:) Happy Driving!!

sula said...

oh man, my back hurts from all that sitting in the car. My brother had sure better appreciate how amazing of a sister I am cuz I really should have just let him sit there and stew at the airport for the 12 hours. That would teach him once and for all to screw his head on straight and not be such an eejit. grr.

anyways, I did enjoy my quick little M&B guilty pleasure. Rather like a frothy little meringue. Lacking in substance but easy going down. lol. Thanks ever so much! Will look forward to cracking the others soon.

lisabea, hope your nephew gets home safe and sound. At least in his case there was a legitimate reason, not that he forgot to verify his flight information. pfft.

lisabea said...

Sula: Careful where you open that email I sent you. It isn't work safe. Hehehehe.

nath said...

You're such a good sister :P You shouldn't have answered the phone!

Happy New Year!

sula said...

lisabea, that email was very good for my morale. lol.

nath, I know...I should just not have picked up the phone. that will teach me, I guess. He really owes me!