Friday, January 18, 2008

Bleak Weather, Bleak House

It snowed today. Quite a lot actually for this area. So we all got to go home at noon and my night class was cancelled. Hooray for snow days! I took the opportunity to curl up with my latest period mini-series and appropriately enough on a bleak winter day, I watched the entire set of episodes to Bleak House, all 15 of them. Just finished a few minutes ago.

How was it, you ask? Very entertaining, very good. Why the hell can't we clone the BBC and have a few of them over here making movies on a constant basis? In any event, I'm too tired to write a review. I did, however, find a very comprehensive write-up elsewhere on the web and you can find it by clicking here if you're interested.

High points include Anna Maxwell Martin as the central female character. She's got quite a unique face and very serene yet strong presence. I liked her a lot in North and South and it was nice to see her in a larger role here.

Oh and there is some little known actress named Gillian Anderson that shows up now and might have heard of her? Yeah, actually I never did watch an entire episode of the X-files but it was still a bit weird to see her in period dress and speaking with a British accent. Not bad, just weird. I think she did quite a nice job. Very cold and aloof and stuffy. Lovely, dahling...

Alright, off to bed. Too bad the snow has stopped and I will have to go back to work tomorrow but at least we've been told the office opens an hour later than usual. One more hour to sleep in! Or to get up and read some more of Chesapeake Blue. I do love those Quinn boys!


Stacy~ said...

I just bought the Chesapeake series recently, and can't wait to meet those Quinn boys ;)

Dev said...

I'm still reading Chesapeake Bay ~ I keep getting distracted with other things.

My library has Bleak House so I've got a request in for it! Thanks for the rec :-)