Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Richard-ey goodness

Oh la la, I have fallen behind in blogging. What's there to report?

Well, I started MBA classes again for the spring semester. Which means that I'll be back to agonizing about how I "should" be doing homework whilst I'm surfing blogland or reading romance novels.

I watched the first part of Bleak House which looks to be excellent (thanks again, GailK!). I think I'm going to save it for the weekend when I can sit down and watch a ton of it in one go.

I finished my re-read of Devil's Bride after really going at a leisurely pace. It seemed longer than I remember. I still like Honoria because she's a pretty tough cookie and she really never does "submit" to Devil and his high-handedness. Devil I really like because he doesn't see Honoria as inferior or flighty or somehow "less" because she's a woman. Yeah, he's an alpha male, yadda yadda, but I don't think he's an arse. He's protective of his family and those he loves and interestingly enough, he never does actually verbalize his feelings to Honoria in this book (I think he says the big L word later on in one of the other Cynster books). This actually seems in character though and almost refreshing. Oh yeah, and can I just say? Richard Armitage as Devil? Definitely workin' for me. I'm thinking the longer hair ala Guy of Gisbourne but with the sexy white cravat ala John Thornton. ooh baby! Which leads to the next point...

At the moment, I'm enjoying more of dear Richard in his HILARIOUS and adorable guest role in the British sitcom The Vicar of Dibley. He plays the love interest of the woman vicar who is (let's be honest) rather well-endowed and full-figured. How cool is it to see THE hottest guy in town falling crazy in love with a woman who doesn't fit the stereotypical heroine profile? And did I mention that the whole episode is freakin' funny? And that Richard is hotter than hot? Ok, so I did.

Heads up, all you RA fans...if you haven't put the Vicar of Dibley: A Holy Wholly Happy Ending on your netflix queue, you're missing out!

A little teaser...

And you should really check out this clip and skip ahead to 8:00 for Richard as a sexy accountant bargaining over kisses "with tongues"! *g*


Marg said...

I have watched this on Youtube so many times! I am definitely buying the DVDs when I get paid!

Stacy~ said...

I Netflixed it, and after I watch RA in "Robin Hood", it's up next :)

lisabea said...


Or something. I don't know. But I'll watch that N&S. Garh. I HATE being out of the loop.

Katie(babs) said...

Richard is such a cutie in this show! I love it when he keeps ringing her door bell and the way he satys, "helllooo" all deep and sexy!

And of course the line about after 3 dates you can kiss... with tongues!!

Kristie (J) said...

*sobbing* I can't hear it anymore!! He sure does look different though doesn't he - from either John or Guy?