Friday, January 25, 2008

another week gone

Well at least it is Friday. Haven't really felt like blogging much this week. I did finish Chesapeake Blue by Nora Roberts and Vixen by Jane Feather and may try to write up some very brief comments on them this weekend. But to be quite honest, I'm still feeling a little blue about the previous entry's subject. I know, that's crazy. I didn't know the guy. But there you go. Makes me think about mortality and life and all that serious stuff.

Anyways, I'm also back to having my Tuesday and Thursday nights taken up with MBA classes. I'm studying Operations and Supply Chain Management as well as Financial Management. As boring as it sounds, there are moments of coolness, the times when I'm reading a textbook or sitting in class and I get an "aha" moment. What I'm really hoping for is to be able to take some of the ideas and apply them to my own job. I have a fair amount of flexibility and say-so in how my area is run, but I get so busy in the day to day tasks that I don't often take the time to step back and make a master plan for the year. This is something that I really have to do. I don't want to stay a worker bee, I want to move up in the world. Probably would be a good idea to develop some more organizational skills.

Oh, it looks like lisabea and I (and others?) will be resurrecting Man Love Monday, so stay tuned. I'm contemplating my contribution but still haven't settled on an exact topic. Most likely Emma Holly will figure into it though, since I'm a relative newbie to m/m anything. I'm almost worried that My Fair Captain will have spoiled me. Can they all be that good? Inquiring minds want to know.

K, time to go to work and be productive. See you on the other side!

(I'm posting white shirt just to cheer me up and make me smile. Nothing new to see here, but sometimes you just need comfort eye candy. le sigh)


Katie(babs) said...

want to take off white shirt....

lisabea said...

I'm almost worried that My Fair Captain will have spoiled me. Can they all be that good? Inquiring minds want to know.

I feel exactly the same way. But the desire to find the next A+ book keeps me reading. That's the fun part.

Dev said...

Ooh, white shirt photo! One of my faves.

I need to finish N&S again. I'm on part 3 now and am patiently waiting for part 4 so I can get to the train scene.

Tumperkin said...

Will you still talk to us now you're an aristocrat?